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Alma 2019 Weekly CKB Updates

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Primo PCI Open Access Collections Evaluation - 2019

Contributors: Meredith Atkinson (Abbvie Library), Myriam Bastin (Université de Liège), Elizabeth Batte (Nicholls State University), Greg Bem (LWTech), Elena Bianco (Skagit Valley College), Lorraine Gess (Community College Allegheny County), Denise Green (University of Illinois), Kalina Grewal (York University), Cindy Gruwell (St. Cloud State University), Shahajada Masud Anowarul Haque (BRAC University), Camille Mazé (University Paris-Saclay), Ro McKernan (Whatcom Community College), François Renaville (Université de Liège), Zorian Sasyk (Metropolitan State University), Kaitlyn Straton (Highline College), Jen Stutesman, Candice Watkins (Tacoma Community College), Riley Woodward-Pratt (South Puget Sound Community College), Sue Wozniak (LWTech)

Contributors: Greg Bem (LWTech), Lauren Bryant (Shoreline Community College), Clare Bryant (Shoreline Community College), Saint-Jean Devereux (Shoreline Community College), Karen Fernandez (Highline College), Andrea Gillaspy (Lower Columbia College), Leslie Potter-Henderson (Shoreline Community College), Jack Harton (Highline College), Jennifer Stutesman (Walla Walla Community College), Traci Taylor (Bellingham Technical College), Candice Watkins (Tacoma Community College), Angela Wiehagen (Shoreline Community College), Sue Wozniak (LWTech), Naoko Yasuda (Highline College)

Electronic Resource Licensing Resources

The following consortia offer access to group licensing of selected electronic resources to qualified academic libraries.

Visit the web sites of these consortia to learn more about available resources and terms of participation.