Mental Health Resources for Healthcare Workers and
First Responders

Dear healthcare workers, first responders, and others serving our community during this pandemic,

We want to support you during this crisis. We have created a list of therapists in the greater Seattle area who are willing to work with new clients, initially via Telehealth. Most therapists on this list have stated that they are willing to offer pro bono, reduced fee, or insurance-reimbursed services. Many have considerable experience helping individuals with acute stress or trauma, and have created space in an otherwise full schedule to work with our first responders during this crisis.

You should know that each therapist on this list will be operating within their own personal scope of practice, utilizing different therapy approaches and mental health treatment options - there are psychiatrists, psychologists, LMHC's, social workers, psychoanalysts, EMDR therapists, etc. However, each therapist on this list has been advised that the initial frame of treatment is short-term and they need to have experience with acute stress/trauma treatment. Some of the therapists are open to longer-term treatment, if it is indicated and you are interested. Please call an individual therapist to discuss these details more.

You should be aware that we have not officially vetted this list of therapists, and cannot assume responsibility or liability for therapists on this list.

Please note that when you call a therapist on this list, you should let them know at the beginning of the voice message that you obtained their name through the Washington Covid Worker Care Network and that you are an interested health care worker, first responder, or other front-line staff member - custodian, technician, etc. Since some of the therapists have an otherwise full practice, this will ensure that you get a return call.

For technical questions, or questions about the list: please contact Andrew Bryant: If you have general questions or need additional help finding someone who might be the right fit, please contact Julie Wood:, or Liz Jordan:


Andrew Bryant, MPH, LICSW; Elizabeth Jordan, MD; and Julie Wood, MA, LMFT, LMHC

The following is a list (in Google Sheet format) of mental health professionals who have expressed an interest in working with healthcare workers dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. The list includes information on providers' backgrounds, experience, crisis and trauma-training, ability to provide pro bono services, ability to accept insurance, and other factors you may wish to consider.

For easiest viewing, you can directly open the list as a Google Sheet via this link.

GRAYED OUT listings do NOT currently have availability.

GREEN listings do currently have availability for short or long-term therapy and counseling.

YELLOW listings have availability for SHORT-TERM counseling only.

Note: This resource is for informational purposes only. All mental health services resulting from the use of this list are between the client/patient and provider. The organizers of this network cannot take responsibility for the treatment provided by clinicians in this network. Please exercise due diligence in selecting a mental health provider.

WA Covid Worker Care Network