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Jay County Amateur Radio Club

Portland, Indiana

Dear Members and Sponsors of the JCARC,

Thanks for being a member or sponsor of our club. Your support helps us provide services to our community such as weather spotting, emergency communications, and public education. We also had a van donated to our club that we can use as a communications vehicle. We also maintain a network of repeaters in Jay County, Indiana and Mercer County, Ohio. It all costs money, of course, and we appreciate your membership and sponsorship.

Gil (the club's web host) is using his former business (Davis Does Deals) PayPal account so they can be paid with a credit or debit card on our site. Please go to the membership page for info and to join, renew, or donate. All sponsors will be mentioned on various pages within our website. Thanks!

Upcoming Events for the Jay County ARC

Meeting at 9 AM on Saturday, March 20, 2021 -- in person and virtually

Link: https://meet.google.com/iiu-qxij-rcv
Meeting ID only: iiu-qxij-rcv

If you would like to join us virtually, here is the info. The link will open the app on your cell phone or computer and give you the option to ask to join. The meeting ID is used if you already have meet.google.com open and just need the meeting ID number.

Our monthly club meeting is held on the third Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM and hopefully both in person and through Google Meet. Or last meeting was held at the 4TC Corporation located about 2 miles north of Portland on HWY 27. The actual address is 2698 N US Hwy 27, Portland, Indiana.

Our last meeting on February 20, 2021 lasted an hour and we still had a few glitches with Google Meet. We're getting closer, though. Hopefully by the next meeting, we'll have most of those ironed out.

No Live Stream Temporarily for our weekly nets

For those who listen to our weekly nets on YouTube, we're going to be off for a while until the Yaesu FT-991A gets back from the repair shop. It had a problem with the auto-tuner that apparently was caused by a manufacturing defect. So, according to Yaesu, it'll take about 25 days or slightly longer to get the radio back. It was sent off on Feb 22, 2021 and should be back by the net on March 23, 2021. We're hoping.

East Central Indiana Hamfest

Our first after-fest meeting on Saturday, September 12, 2020 went well. A new board was elected with Mike Daniels as the president. Unfortunately, we were unable to hold our second meeting, scheduled for December 12, but we'll keep our volunteers up to date as to the next scheduled meeting. We're looking forward to our next hamfest which is planned for July 31, 2021.

Please click the link below to go to the East Central Indiana Hamfest's official page for details.

*** Click here to go to the East Central Indiana Hamfest website ***

Regular Club Activities

1. JCARC Net - Tuesday at 7:00 PM Eastern

Any licensed amateur can join our net each Tuesday beginning at 7:00 PM Eastern using any of the linked repeaters below or from around the world on EchoLink. For those new to amateur radio, when you see a + or - following the frequency, it indicates either a positive or negative standard transmit offset. For those using scanners, enter the frequencies shown below to listen. Here are the repeaters:

  • W9JCA, Frequency: 145.210- MHz, PL: 97.4 Hz, Repeater location: Pennville, Indiana.

  • W9JCA, Frequency: 443.475+ MHz, PL: 100.0 Hz, Repeater location: Portland, Indiana, EchoLink Node: 412960. This is the primary and preferred EchoLink node and is tied into and monitored by net control.

  • Frequency: 442.675+ MHz, PL: 107.2 Hz, Location: Fort Recovery, Ohio (KB8SCR), EchoLink Node: 948238 (KB8SCR). This is the backup EchoLink node in the event the primary is down.

  • Frequency: 145.250-, PL 107.2 for Ft. Recovery receiver or 127.3 for the Celina receiver.


  • Nets are generally cancelled or postponed during severe weather to protect radio equipment or to conduct emergency weather spotting.

  • The Portland repeater's remote link to Pennville is disconnected briefly on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights to establish links with other local repeaters to help enhance other club's nets. It's reconnected as normal after those nets conclude, weather permitting. It does not affect our own net.

2. Ham Radio Breakfast - Every Saturday at 8:30 AM in Portland, Indiana

Join the die-hard folks that just love getting up and socializing every Saturday unless otherwise scheduled. Because of the Coronavirus "pandemic," bring your breakfast items, coffee, or whatever you want, or just yourself. We seem to go from 4TC Corp to the building at 1001 N Wayne St in Portland. Just give a shout-out on one of our repeaters. The frequencies are monitored during that time and we'll talk you in. On the third Saturday of each month, our club meeting will immediately follow at 9 AM both in-person and virtually on Google Meet. See the link near the top of the page.

3. Tone Test Alert - Saturday @ 11:30 AM
3A. Simplex Net follows

Dave, KB8SCR holds a brief over-the-air net to test the P-25 system, as well as the repeater system. A brief test tone is broadcast on the linked repeaters 442.675 in Fort Recovery, 443.475 in Portland and 145.210 in Pennville to start the net. Please be sure the batteries are charged in your portables is it's ready to work. The test tone can also be used with all analog radios since the tone is not transmitted digitally. Right after that, listen for the simplex net on 145.540 with Tony as net control.

4. Third Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM Eastern - Jay County Amateur Radio Club Meeting

We'll keep you posted as to where it's going to be held at the top of this page. Due to the "pandemic" we've had to change locations several times since April, 2020.


Club President: Francis Bettes (KB9QVO)
Vice President: Jeff Landers (W9JKL)
Club Secretary: PG Jellison (W9RTO)
Club Treasurer: Tom Kaup (KA1UP)
Repeater Trustee: Darrell Borders (AA9OM)

We'd like to give a special recognition to the following people:

Jeff Landers (W9JKL): Host of EchoLink Node 412960 and our Tuesday evening net.
Dave Wood (KB8SCR): General radio guru and along with Jeff Landers, keeps the repeater system up and running.
Dave Lewis (KD8AZO): Host of EchoLink Node 948238.
Darrell Borders (AA9OM): Keeps us listening for Parks on the Air. Teaches classes on getting Technician License.
Gil Davis (KT9OUT): Website creation and editing. Sets up network logging system for the club's Field Day in June. Handles logistics of the virtual meetings.

A special thanks to PG Jellison for his contributions to the club and media mentions of this site and our club events on WPGW, 100.9 FM and 1440 AM in Portland, Indiana.