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W9JCA.COM Announcements

Mar 20, 2019: March 23rd we'll have a meeting for those who plan to volunteer at the Randolph County ARC Tailgate Party that's taking place on June 15, 2019. Planned are committee assignments, if you're not already on one. Hope to see you there.

Mar 20, 2019 Update: On Monday, March 4, 2019, I got this text from Dave (KB8SCR) concerning a modification he'd done to one of his repeaters. Here's his text:

  • Gil... .I have the Quantar P25 repeater on the air on my 50 ft antenna..it's labeled as 6875 TAC RPT on your Vertex radio and will work either analog or digital .. DW

This concerns the P-25 network that's being built up in our area. Go to our page by this link: {Videos of Interest}. There's a nearly one hour video that might give you a lowdown on this not-so-new digital mode that you might find of interest. Our network will not be joining the worldwide net and for now we'll have a single talkgroup dedicated to providing coverage from around Dayton and points east to as much of western Ohio and eastern Indiana as possible.

Feb 23, 2019: We participated in the Randolph County ARC's planning of the East Central Indiana Tailgate Party that's coming up on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at the Randolph County Fairgrounds, 2 miles south of Winchester, Indiana. As the time draws near, we're recruiting volunteers for various duties that will make this work. Twelve clubs are thus far represented for this event and we've had a number of people step up that are willing to share some of their time. We thank you all. More news later. A big thanks to Mike Daniels (KD9LEY), president of the Randolph County Amateur Radio Club for organizing this entire event. If you'd like to volunteer or become a vendor or even donate a prize we can give away (with full credit to you), please call 765-239-2181 or email WD9EXZ @gmail.com.

Feb 19, 2019: We now have club patches. These can be ironed on or sewn on, preferably both. You can get them at any of our club meetings for just $7.00 each. We've also planned on getting shirts. These high-quality left-pocket polo type shirts will be in Carolina Blue with our logo on the back. If you desire, it will also include your name and call sign on the right side.

At this time, we're not collecting any money, we're getting potential orders together to get the best price possible. From the link above, you can find info on how to get a Club Patch, as well.

Feb 12, 2019: The KB8SCR repeater (Dave W's) was down and out for a while. It's back up but not at its former site, at least for a while. Look for shorter range since the antenna is only up about 50 feet. Speaking of which, Dave's been hard at it getting the repeater P25 digitally ready to go worldwide. Look for more information about the system that will be used (very similar to DMR) on that repeater that will be posted on W9JCA.COM. We're also looking for more area repeaters to bring on board, so contact Dave using the Penville repeater using the settings found later on this page, if you're interested in bringing a repeater online with the P25 digital system.

We've included the contest calendar on our website for now. The whole website is at www.contestcalendar.com. They've got it all together there, but we managed to borrow some of the info. All of the links to more info on their pages, so go on over to the Over the Air Events Page and see what's up.

This is W9JCA.COM

W9JCA is the callsign of one of the Jay County Amateur Radio Club (JCARC) repeaters. The JCARC has our website namesake repeater located in Pennville, Indiana (about 13 miles driving distance west-northwest of Portland) and our Portland, Indiana based repeater (W9JKL) which are linked. We also link to KB8SCR in Fort Recovery, Ohio, about 11 miles east of Portland.

Welcome. Come on in, grab a cuppa joe and sit a while, we're always up for a new visitor or a returning one. There are a lot of things to see and we hope you enjoy your stay. We're constantly looking for the next big thing so stop by once in a while and see what's new on our site. We can always use a suggestion (or 2 or 3 or 100). And if you're in the area, join us at our next club meeting, details of which can be found below and even more on the Activities Page.

If you're on Facebook, visit our Facebook Page (the link is also at the bottom of each page). Perfect if you're a ham, budding ham, or just ham-curious. On most Tuesdays at 7:00 PM Eastern you can even hear our net live via ham radio, scanner, EchoLink, or Facebook Live. Over-the-air frequencies and info are listed below.

We invite you to join us at our regular club meetings and perhaps make new discoveries into a hobby that you perhaps barely knew existed. In our club, we have someone that can answer nearly any questions you have about the hobby including antenna design, types of equipment, how to get your license, and on many other aspects of the hobby. And maybe you'll make a few new friends, as well.

Jay County Amateur Radio Club (JCARC) Net:

Any licensed amateur can join our Net on the first, second, and fourth Tuesday (fifth, if applicable) of each month (3rd Tuesday: Club meeting), beginning at 7:00 PM Eastern using any of the linked repeaters below, from around the world on EchoLink, or comment while the net is live on Facebook with your call sign, first name, and location. We can't check you in if you don't hold a current amateur license, however. For those new to amateur radio, when you see a + or - following the frequency, it indicates either a positive or negative standard transmit offset. Here are the repeaters:

Frequency: 145.210- MHz, Private Line (PL) tone: 97.4 Hz, Location: Pennville, Indiana. (W9JCA)

Frequency: 443.475+ MHz, PL tone: 100.0 Hz, Location: Portland, Indiana, EchoLink Node: 412960. (W9JKL)

Frequency: 442.675+ MHz, PL tone: 107.2 Hz, Location: Fort Recovery, Ohio, EchoLink Node: 948238 (KB8SCR)

Or check in by Facebook during the net if you don't have access to our repeaters or Echolink by clicking here.


  • Nets are generally cancelled during severe weather to protect radio equipment.
  • The Portland's remote link to Pennville is disconnected on Wednesday nights just before 8:30 PM to establish a link with a Hartford City repeater to enhance their net and reconnected shortly that net concludes.

Monthly Meeting:

Our monthly club meeting is held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM at the Jay County Sheriff's Department, 224 W. Water Street, Portland, Indiana, in the Training Room unless otherwise announced. Parking and entry to the facility are on the east side of the building. Visitors are welcome.

Join us:

We welcome your help in sponsoring our club by becoming a member. Dues are just $20 for a year, $30 for a couple, and up to two additional immediate family members living in the same household may also join for just $10 each.


Website design: Gil Davis - KT9OUT

But there are so many that do so much, not only for this website, but the club, as well. This is just my little portion that I enjoy bringing to you and a feeling that I've contributed something in some small way. And suggestions and/or interesting links and videos are always welcome. A huge thanks goes out to Dave Wood (KB8SCR and local VHF/UHF guru) and Jeff Landers (the devoted JCARC net controller W9JKL) for making their repeaters available to the club. In addition, kudos to Dave Lewis (KD8AZO) for running EchoLink on the KB9SCR repeater. And let's not forget our club officers (Francis, Jeff, Tom, and PG) who keep this all running smoothly. And Darrell Borders (AA9OM) for not only doing the great work of teaching occasional classes to potential new hams, but is the trustee for our W9JCA repeater in Pennville, Indiana!


Would you like to help sponsor this site and the Jay County Amateur Radio Club? Email us and let us know. We don't have any set rates at present and would like to try to work off of donations to our club. With the talent available to us, this site costs very little to operate, but upgrading equipment and insurance for our events can really deplete club funds fast. We do have some generous members, but would prefer not to have the bulk of our club carried by just a few members (even though we really appreciate it!). Just let us know and we'll work with you. Becoming a member of the JCARC also helps. See details above.

We invite you to contribute to our site using the email address below. A special thanks to PG Jellison for his contributions to the club and media mentions of this site on WPGW, 100.9 FM in Portland, Indiana.