To use the repeater, set the follow callsigns on your radio:


R1: W4EAE B (note 2 spaces between the callsign and module)

R2: W4EAE G (again, note 2 spaces)


D-Plus reflectors* available on the repeater (REF), as well as DCS, XRF, and XLX reflectors.

To connect to a reflector, replace the 'UR:' field with the reflector type, 3-digit reflector number, and single letter for the reflector module; followed immediately by an 'L' (for 'link'). Here are a few examples:


Once connected, change 'UR:' back to 'CQCQCQ' to talk on the reflector.

The standard, 'unlink,' 'repeater information,' and 'echotest' are functional.

Feel free to link to any reflector, I simply ask that you unlink when you are finished. If a busy reflector remains active all day long, it would make it difficult for others to use the repeater with a different mode.

*D-Plus (REF) reflectors do require registration for use. NO REGISTRATION (only a valid callsign) is required to connect to or talk on DCS, XRF, or XLX reflectors. As this repeater uses neither Icom's hardware or software, I cannot offer USTrust registration. If you are not registered, information can be found at dstarinfo.com

Callsign Routing

The repeater uses IrcDDB callsign routing, and is connected to the QuadNet ipv4 and ipv6 servers. Callsign routing is both one of the best, and one of the most underused features of D-Star. As opposed to going into great detail here, excellent information on callsign routing an be found at https://openquad.net/start.php