Amateur Radio operator and amateur programmer


I am a member of the Columbia Amateur Radio Club W4CAE, the Kings County Radio Club KC2RC, the YL SSB System, The South Carolina SSB net, and the Friday Knights Roundtable D-Star net. I am also on the list of admins for Quadnet Array.

My radio interests span from HF SSB all the way to up to SHF digital voice to include D-Star, Fusion, and DMR.

On the digital voice front, I maintain several YSF reflectors, as well as an XLX Multiprotocol gateway reflector.

Backyard Repeater:

My backyard MMDVM repeater is now operational at 443.100MHz (+5). D-Star and Fusion are available. Output power is 20w. I am using 2 vertically separated antennas for RX/TX attenuation. The RX antenna is 15ft higher than the TX antenna. If you can hear the repeater, it can hear you.

Power and height are moderate, but digital voice modes don't require an S-5 signal to work well. Here is a projected range calculation to a similarly powered mobile with a 5/8l 70cm antenna:

I have run tests from such a setup, and I have found actual usable range to be better than shown in certain locations, and poorer than shown in others. These projections are also for a remote antenna which is 1.5m above terrain; so range is much further if you are using an elevated base antenna.

The repeater works in any of the three voices modes, but only one at a time. Please be courteous. If you see activity on the frequency but do not hear anything, someone else is probably using the repeater in a different mode.

For notes on using the repeater in either digital voice mode, click below: