Amateur Radio operator and amateur programmer


I am a member of the Columbia Amateur Radio Club W4CAE, the Kings County Radio Club KC2RC, the YL SSB System, The South Carolina SSB net, and the Friday Knights Roundtable D-Star net. I am also on the list of admins for Quadnet Array.

My radio interests span from HF SSB all the way to up to SHF digital voice to include D-Star, Fusion, and DMR.

On the digital voice front, I maintain several YSF reflectors, as well as an XLX Multiprotocol gateway reflector.

Backyard Repeater:

My backyard D-Star repeater is now operational at 443.100MHz (+5). Output power is 20w.

Power and height are moderate, but digital voice modes don't require an S-5 signal to work well. Here is a projected range calculation to a similarly powered mobile with a 5/8l 70cm antenna:

I have run tests from such a setup, and I have found actual usable range to be better than shown in certain locations, and poorer than shown in others. These projections are also for a remote antenna which is 1.5m above terrain; so range is much further if you are using an elevated base antenna.

For notes on using the repeater, click below: