The George Lambertson Amateur Radio Club was organized in 1975 and named in the memory of George Lambertson, W4BV, a long time amateur who influenced and helped many of our club members.

The first club constitution and by-laws were approved on October 28, 1975. Andy Anderson, KB4Q , was elected as the first president. Subsequent presidents were as follows; 1976 - Ernest Tucker, W4MQV; 1977 - Charles Hill, WA4OPB; 1978 - Tom Barnes, W4CTA; 1979 - Bill Millard, W4PBN; 1980 - Dave Harper, W4NIQ; 1981 - ?; 1982 - Andy Anderson, KB4Q ; 1983-1985 ?; 1986 - Ron Mahal, W9HQA; 1987-88?; 1989-1992 -Mike Rozar; 1/2 1993 - Joe Saller; 1994 - ?; 1995-1998 Robert Jensen, KD4HZV; 1998-1999 - Henry Rutledge, KO4QD.

The Club sponsored 2 Novice class license classes; one in June, 1975 and the other in March, 1977. A total of 12 newly licensed amateurs resulted from these classes.

An old G.E. Progline Repeater was loaned to the Club in early 1977 after being stored for 10 years in an outdoor barn by Tim Marsh, W4IWV, in Shelbyville. After extensive repairs and alignment by W4NIQ, the repeater was put on the air on 147.63/147.03 Mhz on Reservoir Hill in Fayetteville. The callsign was WR4BAQ.

In May, 1978, the Club approved the second Club Constitution and By-Laws.

Also, in 1978, the Club organized a severe weather emergency response team under the auspices of the local Civil Defense office headed by Robert Strope. A 2 Meter transceiver and power supply were purchased by Lincoln County. Several weather alerts were responded to by the team but it was dissolved after a few years, mostly due to inactivity. The present Club, LCARA, is in the process of setting up a “Skywarn” group to work with the local Emergency Management Agency, the Nashville National Weather Service, and the Southern Middle Tennessee Skywarn Association in the event of severe weather in Lincoln County.

On August 25, 1979, the Progline Repeater was replaced by a Johnson, solid-state transceiver converted into a repeater by Leon Bell, WB4LTT. This “machine” was formerly used as the 34/94 repeater in Huntsville. This repeater worked very well until it was hit by lightning in February, 1981. Extensive damage was done but was repaired by W4NIQ and put back on in about 2 months. The Progline was put back in service in the interim.

In July 1980, the Club participated in it’s first Field Day on Andy Anderson’s farm atop Crystal Ridge in Mulberry. There were 9 members who enjoyed the outing. 9 ham “bands”, 75 through 2 meters, cw and phone, were utilized for a whopping score of 390! W4MQV’s call was used. Emergency generator power was employed and worked great until K4FPV fired up his electric “big daddy” to cook a steak and the generator almost quit due to the excessive power demand!

Mrs. George Lambertson, XYL of George, W4BV, was inducted into the Club as an Honorary Member sometime around 1980/

In August 1985, Betty Zimmerle donated a Spectrum 2000 Repeater to the Club as a memorial to her husband Jack Zimmerle, WB4QXI. Jack was an active member and past president of the Club.

The Spectrum was installed at P.D. Goode’s home on Lincoln Road. The decision had been made shortly before to move the Repeater from Reservoir Hill mostly because we were going to have to pay commercial telephone rates which were prohibitive.

On April 1, 1989, the Club’s name was changed from “George Lambertson Radio Club” to “Lincoln County Repeater Association” or (L.C.A.R.A) A new constitution was also approved.

In November 1996, after a lot of paper work exchanges with the FCC, the Club was able to acquire George Lambertson's call, W4BV, as the Club's callsign. This was made possible by the new “Vanity Call” program introduced by the FCC approximately a year earlier.

In the last few years, the repeater upgraded from a 100 watt transmit amplifier, a new WACOM duplexer, and a Comet antenna, to its 2012 configuration featuring a Kenwood TKR-750 & Arcom controller. Coverage has increased substantially.