Call: W4BV

Freq: 147.030 + (0.600)

PL: 114.8

Repeater Location:

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Monthly Meetings

Next Upcoming Meeting

Riverside Christian Academy

116 Riverside Lane

Fayetteville, TN 37334

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Weekly Net

Mondays at 6:30pm on 147.030 Mhz

    • Simplex net is on the first Monday of the month.

        • We check-in on the 147.030 repeater. Then switch net operations to 146.575 simplex.

    • We do not have a net on US holidays that fall on a Monday.

Yearly dues are $20 for single, and $22 for family. You are welcome to send money through paypal

Link to FEMA courses: CLICK HERE

LCARA Constitution & ByLaws 2012-12.pdf

Lincoln County Amateur Radio Association Bi-Laws

ARES Training Book.pdf

ARES Training Book

ARES Standardized Training Plan.pdf

ARES Training Plan

Skywarn SOP.pdf

Skywarn SOP