Wild and Wonderful Wednesday

Hash House Harriers

Hashing "Just the Tip" of West Virginia!!!

Jefferson County, West Virginia and nearby enclaves*

*Trail in or within 10 miles of Jeff Co.

Next Trail Start: Parking lot at 401 South Queen St, Martinsburg, WV 25401

Address: - 401 South Queen St., Martinsburg, WV 25401

Date: 7/8/2020

Happy Hour: Chad Baker at the McFarland House has assured me it would be OK for us to do happy hour in their back area. There is an entrance to the back area so we don't walk through people having fancy dinners.

Trail Time: 6:09 hares away, 6:33 pack away or you just show up whenever you want and do whatever you want

Hares: Well SpEd is hoping to get abducted by aliens to see whose probe is bigger. So he will be marking a path hoping the aliens can find him.

Hash Cash: FREE

Trail Details...

Theme: UFNo anal probing

Distances (True Trail): Well that depends if you believe everything you see on the internet. True trail should be under 4 miles. May put a go 6th letter of the alphabet yourself loop for those of you that are trying to avoid abduction by moving at a faster pace.

Shiggy Rating (1=Pavement to 10=Jungle): None provided

Stroller Friendly?: Yes

Dog Friendly?: Yes on trail

Trail Type: Depends on what you are into. Just kidding this is pavement more or less I wanted to draw a pretty picture with all of your things that allow the aliens to find your exact location.

More Info: July 8th 1947 something huge happened. There were a number of reports of a mysterious flying disc (spaceship) landing in Roswell, New Mexico. At first reports were denied by the U.S. military, then a report appeared which stated they had been lucky enough to obtain one of the DISCS which was later denied. The debate whether an alien spacecraft actually landed in Roswell, New Mexico, still continues today with many believing it was a government cover up. So come on out on for this trail much like the government tactic of misdirection and causing of mass confusion on this day in 1947 will leave you turned around and confused about what direction is up. Will you make it to the end or will you end up on a milk carton because of an alien abduction. Oh and just for AF1 it’s also ice cream sundae day

So what is Hashing? Wikipedia knows! Click HERE to find out! Generally, trail markings for W3H3 will be a chalk line or a flour blob is a Mark, find three and you are ON-ON but find an X and you are on a False Trail. Circles are Checks meaning trail could go in any direction so look for the next mark! Find an arrow with three lines in it and you are on the True Trail. Hares may get more creative, which you will learn at Chalk Talk before trail!

W3H3 Objectives:

-Promote physical fitness among our members

-Get rid of weekday stress

-Acquire a good thirst

-Persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel

Sign Up to Hare a Trail!! Contact: w3h3hareraiser@gmail.com

You need 10 Hashes (1 as a Hare) for Naming!

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New to hashing? Here are some Songs to learn for Circles at the bar!