Wild and Wonderful Wednesday

Hash House Harriers

Hashing "Just the Tip" of West Virginia!!!

Jefferson County, West Virginia and nearby enclaves*

*Trail in or within 10 miles of Jeff Co.

W3H3 Trail #113

Next Trail Start: 8/4/2021

Address:621 West Jubal Early Drive Winchester VA

Happy Hour: BYOB

Trail Time: 6:09 Hares away. 6:33 Pack away

Hares: Backseat Diver and Spread ‘Em

Hash Cash: $3.00 donation for 13 and up, $2.00 for 3-12. Bring cash or check

Trail Details...

Theme: The Hills are Alive with Hashers

Turkey: 3.5-4 miles Eagle 4.5-5 miles

Shiggy 1.5

Kid and dog friendly

Trail is A to A

Clear skies on Wednesdays and wankers on trail

Beer checks a plenty, you don’t want to bail

Eagles that fly like they have wings

These are a few of our favorite things.

Climb every hill

Search high and low

Follow every marking

Enjoy as you go

Climb every hill

Check every mark

Follow every true trail

‘Til you find your way

The hills are alive with the sound of hashers

With songs they have sung for over 80 years

The hills hurt your legs as you climb them

Your heart wants to sing every song at checks

Your heart wants to find all the correct markings

That rise from chalk, flour and maybe TP

Your heart wants to hear on on or true trail

From the hashers ahead

To enjoy neighborhoods, trails, and wildlife

Where hills are a plenty

To hash through the evening like hounds who have waited all week

Winchester will be alive with the sounds of hashers.

So what is Hashing? Wikipedia knows! Click HERE to find out! Generally, trail markings for W3H3 will be a chalk line or a flour blob is a Mark, find three and you are ON-ON but find an X and you are on a False Trail. Circles are Checks meaning trail could go in any direction so look for the next mark! Find an arrow with three lines in it and you are on the True Trail. Hares may get more creative, which you will learn at Chalk Talk before trail!

W3H3 Objectives:

-Promote physical fitness among our members

-Get rid of weekday stress

-Acquire a good thirst

-Persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel

Sign Up to Hare a Trail!! Contact: w3h3hareraiser@gmail.com

You need 10 Hashes (1 as a Hare) for Naming!

Join our Google Group and Facebook Group to get Trail Notifications and Discussion! Also, we are now on Meetup!

Love hashing? Check out www.dchashing.org to see when our neighbors run!

New to hashing? Here are some Songs to learn for Circles at the bar!