Women in STEM: 

Mentoring Seminars


The main goal of the Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (W-STEM): Mentoring Seminars is to inspire female undergraduate and graduate students in STEM. The W-STEM: Mentoring Seminars will tackle the challenges women face in their journey to build a successful career.  

During the W-STEM: Mentoring Seminars, the invited speakers, from recent graduates to well-established professionals, will talk about their career path, their daily routines on the job, and their challenges and successes in their professions as well as in their personal lives. These seminars will help you get answers to many questions about professional life after the completion of a STEM degree - questions that don't get answered in University classes.

 Schedule of the W-STEM: Mentoring Seminars


How to join the W-STEM: Mentoring Seminars

If you are a woman in your Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. studies, or working in a STEM field, and you are interested in a career in STEM, please register for the W-STEM: Mentoring Seminars at this link


Athina Tzovara, Assistant Professor of Computer Science @ University of Bern, Switzerland & Visiting Scholar @  University of California Berkeley, USA. 

Maria Kyrarini, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering @ Santa Clara University, USA