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The 8 Most Common VW Repair Issues

1. Routine Maintenance Due - This is very important and can assure your good reliability and often prevent bigger repairs down the road. Some items like transmission service are not on the Mini maintenance schedule yet are very important. See number 5 below.

2. Malfunction Indicator Lights (MIL) - May indicate minor or serious problems. Have this checked out by a pro with the proper Mini test equipment.

3. No Communication With DME – Can’t Pass Emissions - This is a common problem and is associated with the use of an aftermarket radio. We commonly see installations of aftermarket radios achieved with little or no thought to the action of splicing wires. In VW vehicles, seemingly the best wire to attach to appears to be the power source for the OBD port. This leads to a situation where the port doesn’t work and no communication with the car is possible. Remove the radio and find another power source!

4. Rattle Under The Center Of The Car - Many VW vehicles experience a rattle under the center of the car. The common source for this rattle is a failure in the mid section muffler bracket. Often this can be resolved by re-welding the broken section without replacing it. The longer the rattle is left, the more likely damage occurs to the rest of the exhaust. Commonly this results in the need to replace the flexible joint section that contains the catalytic converter – expensive.

5. Check Engine Light & Increased Fuel Consumption - There are many causes for a check engine light, however, one of the most common causes in association with increased fuel consumption is a coolant temperature sensor. This has been updated by VW multiple times and usually fails causing the engine management to believe the engine is running cold. This results in a heavy fuel mixture and a Check Engine Light.

6. Rattle From The Rear Going Over Bumps - There are a number of sources for rattles in the rear of VW vehicles, however, the most common is a failure in the rear springs. The springs break at the lowest level and leave the broken piece in the spring pocket. Over bumps the broken piece rattles.

7. Oil Leaks From Front Or Rear Of Head - Oil leaks are common on VW vehicles and there are a number of candidates. Valve cover gaskets commonly leak, but one of the more annoying leaks is associated with the cam seals on either end of the cylinder head. The seal has been updated by VW multiple times and requires very specific procedures during installation to ensure the longevity of the new seal.

8. Clunking Noise On The Front When Turning - This is a common problem on front wheel drive VW vehicles. The design of the front wheel drive requires the rotation of the suspension strut to enable correct steering. The bushing and sometimes the bearing associated with the top of the strut mount is prone to degrade – this leads to a clunk when the strut rotates. generally replacing the bushing will resolve the problem. Left unattended this problem also increases wear on the front wheel bearings.

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