Associated Partners

INCDD Institutul National de Cercetare Dezvoltare Delta Dunarii – The Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development (DDNI)

INCDD (part of Romanian Ministry of Education and Research since 1970) is a research structure with wide various domains applied to protection and Research of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (DDBR) including biodiversity, research labs, but also departments of technological and spatial innovation. INCDD/DDNI will provide an important input in Erasmus+ through their data base and completion with exact scientific elements but also the innovative research use of the final educational elaborated material: use of the traditional crafts materials, understanding their behavior and recycling, producing efficient thermo-energy use through local resources, but also on sustainability of local areal on built environment.


INCD URBAN-INCERC is the authority in public interest research-development regarding construction, urbanism, sustainable and habitat territorial development, contents: fundamental and applicative sectorial and pre-normative research, formulating mandatory technical and economic regulations for built domain including energy efficiency, technological development, national strategies, policies, programs and regulations. Regarding the Erasmus+ project, INCD URBAN-INCERC will provide knowhow on rural master plan of the Sfistofca village, technical information (topo_geo_graphical, historical) and integrating this data to the educational learning program in the sense of identifying the correct interdisciplinary correlation, testing educational outputs results in energy efficiency lab for vernacular results and sustainable improvements.

Association "Ivan Patzachin - Mila 23"

is an NGO based on promoting sustainable development project on local and regional interest: environmental protection and conservation, natural value, expertise in the domain of tourism, strategies, quality of life, opportunities of development for social and cultural framework of communities. The partner will provide expertise and feedback in the proposed Erasmus+ educational program and also will advocate for implementation/ advocating learningeducational intellectual results.

Association “Salvati Dunărea şi Delta” (SDD) (“Save Danube and Delta”)

is an NGO established in 2004 for protecting the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation, and having successful results in offering solutions on emergent dedicated issues. SDD have notable innovative results in the vicinity of the proposed case study within Erasmus+ project: “Stuful e beton” (“Reed is concrete”) and “Letea in UNESCO” which allows testing the two cultural experimented methods in our curricula, but also elaborating comparative results analysis.

INP National Institute of Patrimony

is an important public actor in the directorate of Ministry of Culture and National Identity, supervising closely the activity in the filed of cultural heritage and implementation of cultural regulations and sites. Regarding proposed Erasmus+ project INP will verify and coordinate the educational results with other results from educational/learning activity during its broad successful European programs and projects.

TUW Technische Universität Wien

is partner for 3 years with UAUIM organizing together international workshops in Danube Delta, and an educational study based on scholars and students projects results together with Landscape Department TUW.

Contribution of TUW at the implementation and dissemination of the project:

- with experience of the landscape department of the Vienna University of Technology (TU) in the field of cultural landscape and of rural tourism (;

- with TTL (Technology.Tourism.Landscape) (, specific research center of TUW; the Vienna University of Technology (TU) consists of eight faculties with a manifold of unique competences within the fields of technology, tourism and landscape, useful in proposed educational curricula as successful model in management of the research projects;

- through contribution of examples of good practice in Austrian agro-tourism as models for Romanian agro-tourism, applicable within courses and pilot projects’ studies;

-through dissemination: projects exhibition at TUW and Austrian Cultural Center.