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Pneumatic Tools

Machine tools were the instruments of industrialisation. They enabled the first capitalists to mass-produce inexpensive, quality goods. These tools would also changed the concept of human labor. Pneumatic tools have been an unavoidable element today. 


Kolver offers industrial electric screwdrivers with torque and angle control famous for their durability, superior performance and repeatability. 

Torque Arm

Torque reaction arms have been designed to eliminate the reaction that screwdrivers generate when they stop at the pre-set torque (Up to 50 Nm). Carbon (CAR) arms are lighter and more resistant thanks to their carbon structure. 

Grease Dispensing System

Through Grease dispensers the lubricant is applied and distributed efficiently and regularly. These systems are widely used in the automotive, industrial manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation, and steel processing industries. Lubrication systems are also present in automotive engines. Olive India's Parent Company SFC Group manufactures this product. 


Impact sockets are nearly exclusively used with powered impact wrenches or drivers where greater force can be applied and are usually used by mechanics to remove seized nuts and bolts from vehicles. FRL units are the industry staple when it comes to effective air treatment. They are used primarily applications to ensure the delivery of clean air at fixed pressures. Lubrication is also optional if operators wish to make certain that pneumatic components within the system are operating at full capacity and benefit with an increased lifecycle.

"We are not just traders, we provide value added services and Knwowledge Tranfer about our products to our clients. We provide various technical trainings, conduct Tech Seminars for Pneumatic tools, Electrical Screwdrivers, Electric DC Nutrunners, Torque Wrenches and Testers at customer pain points also we guide them on product selection."

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