VSTE VE PLN Summer of Survival III


Yes! We are doing this again! This summer, July 1 through August 16, VSTE Place will hold its third Summer of Survival! Participants will be able to warp to survival mode for a completely different Minecraft experience. We will discover why our students beg for survival mode at school. It's challenging, but fun, and we will need each other to survive!

There will be specific tasks for participants to complete for a certificate from VSTE. You may be able to use that in your district for professional development points or re-certification points, but managing that will be strictly up to each participant/district. We will be here to certify that you participated and to make sure we are all having fun learning about the gaming aspect of Minecraft. Kim H. and Lisa A. will ran the course for VBCPS for a couple of years but we are retired now!


The VSTE Virtual Environments Professional Learning Network (VSTE VE PLN) has enjoyed learning to build together in VSTE Place, our Minecraft server, for a while now. We meet there the first Monday of the month at 8 PM Eastern time for networking. We have had speakers, guest teachers, students as teachers, and fun activities. We do most these things in creative mode.

Many of us have expanded our classroom practice to include teaching and learning with Minecraft. We have both after school clubs and create learning experiences for the instructional part of our students' day. During these activities, inevitably the students request, or rather plead, for survival mode. Therefore, we have decided to dive into Survival mode this summer to see what all the fuss is about.