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Behold the Possible Future of VR As We Know It

VR and AR technology are booming right now because many existing users of either or both technologies can see the potential each offers. Not only individuals will benefit from the use of augmented and virtual realities; companies will be able to utilize this wonderful technology as well. It’s a win-win for everyone right?

Tech company Camasutra is looking to revolutionize the way VR holds a place in our world; forever. The Camasutra booth at the Adult Entertainment Expo gave users the chance to experience their first VR-based product. CEO, Adam Sutra, describes the company as an “erotic tech startup” and they’re looking to step their foot into the world that is Augmented and Mixed Reality.

What’s the Difference in VR and Augmented and Mixed Reality?

The main difference is that augmented and mixed reality offer the ability to bring the performers into the user’s world. Augmented reality uses projection to make an avatar appear in front of the user. Mixed reality virtually builds the avataras and objects into the environment of the user.

The company’s product uses neuro-mapping, skeletal tracking and body scans to deliver a very realistic experience. When you look down, you see your body; your own (if you scan your own) or the avatar/actor’s body. The remainder of the scene is your choice and Camasutra tracks every movement including the speed and force of each motion.

Very Accurate Avatar Appearance

One of the most appealing features of Camasutra is the accuracy of the avatar features. They’re very realistic to the official appearance of the performers who were scanned for the app. The performers are actually able to train their own avatars once they’ve been scanned. Therefore, the more time you spend with the avatar the better experience one has.

What the VR Future May Hold

In the future this could possibly be someone of your choosing, whether it’s your existing partner, yourself or any other person that you would want to upload. Unfortunately, it will likely be some time before that’s an available option for security and safety reasons. However, when that time comes the company is definitely interested in being a part of it.

The company is currently interested more in creating content and the potential they see for Virtual Reality goes far beyond the sexual realm. It could become a way to keep those we love who pass away, around us until we ourselves are gone from this world. Can you imagine still getting to see your relatives years after they’re truly gone? That may one day become very normal as VR continues to advance.