VR for the Social Good

Spring 2018 Class

Tuesdays @ 5:10-7:05 PM Room CSE E119

TA: Heng Yao (hengyao1993@ufl.edu)

This class is open to students of any major and any classification (from freshmen to graduate students). No prerequisites and no programming knowledge is required.

January 9th - February 13th Assignment #1 - learn Unity on your own and develop your first VR project

January 30th - Pitch Day! Seekers (Researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs) pitch VR project ideas to the class.

Solvers (Students) self-form teams of four to work on a project they select from projects pitched. Priority will be based on performance on learning tutorials and Assignment #1.

January 30th - May 1st - Assignment #2 - Work with your product owner to use VR to improve the social good.

May 1st - Demo Day! Made@UF Lab @ Infinity Hall

Course Syllabus

Office of Technology Licensing information of Intellectual Property

This course is a part of the VR for the Social Good Initiative. The website has past projects, the Facebook student group, classes, and opportunities in VR.

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