About Us

Vox Populi is Latin for “the voice of the people.”

The voice of the people is what we are about. The voice can come in a variety of forms and from a variety of people: The voices can be singing, the voices can be in dialogue, the voices can be an artist’s messages. We at Vox Pop want to create experiences that allow these voices to be heard, engaged, and spread to diverse audiences.

Too often there is a separation between audiences and the art they encounter. Have you ever wanted to ask a musician questions while at a concert? Have you looked at a piece of artwork and wondered what influenced it? Have you ever read an author and wanted them to clarify their thoughts or explain what they meant by a particular passage? It is time that the wall between artists and spectators be knocked down, it is time for more relational interactions and purposeful dialogue about ideas, it is time that we push ourselves and each other to enrich our communities with more depth. It is also time that we find enjoyment in these spaces as well.

So what will happen at Vox Pop events? Expect curated events that feature artists showcasing and talking about their work, expect house concerts and smaller venues for more intimate musical gatherings, expect to listen to authors and speakers present new ideas, expect cookouts and potlucks and conversation.

Expect to hear the voice of the people, and to be a part of it yourself.