The Primary is over and I am so grateful that we have successfully won both party nominations. Come November we will vote again but now my opposition is me. So it's not done until November and the work begins in December. I look forward to contributing to the continued success of Quaker Valley!

Thank you for visiting my website!

My name is Kathryn Doebler, though you may know me as Kati! I am running for school board for Quaker Valley Region 3. I have two young girls - one who is already a QV student and one who will be starting in the fall. I have already seen the wonderful district we have though I'm not entirely surprised. After all, this is one of the most desired school districts in Pittsburgh.

When we were moving to Pittsburgh back in 2009, Sewickley was top on our list. Not only is my husband a Sewickley native but we knew the stellar reputation the schools held. As a parent I have been impressed with the quality of our teachers, programs, parent involvement and leadership.

Why am i running?

Being on the school board is no small task. The time commitment is huge and with two young children I am not taking this lightly. I have spent more than a year regularly attending meetings, both the official board meetings as well as other school-hosted meetings such as the High School vision sessions, Ed Talks and others. As such, I am aware of the bigger and smaller matters the board is facing today. But attending meetings is only one part of my "why."

  • I want to see that the long history of academic excellence at Quaker Valley is continued. We have a special gift in our community and I would be honored to be a keeper of that gift for a time.
  • I am BOTH a tax payer and a parent. This means I am a double customer of the public school here in Sewickley.
  • I passionately believe that the community WANTS to be engaged with local government bodies. What happens at your local municipality and school board are the decisions that truly affect your daily life. That said, I don't think these bodies have evolved with the times. It's nearly impossible for people to really participate and know what's going on at the Board. I want to propose using new communication tools to help the wider community become and remain engaged.

Voting for me - Kathryn Doebler - means you will have a champion for better, more modern communications from the Board. You deserve to know! In the mean time, feel free to join my Facebook Group keeping the community up to date on upcoming Board meetings and activity!

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