My name is Mariia Dzholos.

I am running for the position of a First-Year Senator in the 2020 election!

This website was created to tell you who I am, why I am running, and why I am qualified to be your First-Year Senator.

Who am I?

1. I am a proud Ukrainian. Ukraine is more than just where I am from, it is my source of energy, motivation, and pride.

2. I’m an Internally Displaced Person (IDP). In 2014 my family and I had to flee our home because of the Russian military intervention in Donbass. This experience caused me to put a greater value on intangible aspects of my life, such as relationships, memories, and community.

3. I’m a United World College (UWC) Alumni. UWC is a global network of schools and educational programs with the shared mission of "[making] education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future." UWC inspired me to become an agent of positive change and carry these values throughout my life after high school.

4. I speak Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Chinese. Learning languages has cultivated my listening and comprehension skills, rest assured that you will always be heard and understood!

5. I’m a big fan of any outdoor activities especially jogging, volleyball, and cycling! Sports are the best way for me to relax, decompress, and reflect on the day.



UKRAINE BOARD Short Course Coordinator

UWC Short Cources - educational programs about diversity, mutual respect, intercultural understanding, leadership, and sustainability for youth worldwide.

  • I recruited a team of 5 to organize the first UWC Short Course in Ukraine. The course focuses on promotion of diversity and inclusiveness.

  • I collected data on scholarships and enrollment availability for Ukrainian youth at short courses worldwide.

  • I negotiated scholarships for Ukrainian youth for short courses and summer programs to ensure that their family's socioeconomic background does not prevent them from pursuing their education.


PVO gave weekly English, Art, and Music online classes to elementary, middle, and high school students from seven schools, located in poor provinces of China.

  • I recruited 35 members to the PVO Teaching Club.

  • I coordinated the work of the PVO Teaching Club with the seven schools in Mainland China.

  • I collected and evaluated monthly feedback from the schools.

  • I organized and ran a weekly meeting with the PVO Teaching Club members.

  • I oversaw the teaching of the 35 PVO Teaching Club members.


A combination of jogging and picking up trash

  • I organized seasonal plogging activities around Kuncheng Lake in Changshu, China.

  • I promoted community engagement and sustainable development at my high school and the greater Changshu city.

Why am I running?

I'm running to create a UNITED freshman community at Middlebury College through:

  • Group trips;

  • Tea times;

  • Friendly dorm competitions;

  • Jam sessions;

  • Making social events more accessible to remote students.

I'm running to make the first year committee a safe space for our diverse community to voice their concerns by:

  • listening to those who would usually stay silent;

  • taking into account the needs of the minority;

  • stopping hierarchies from forming.

I'm running to support SGA initiatives on:

  • Accessibility for remote students;

  • Housing common spaces;

  • New student center;

  • New campus traditions;

  • Affordable class supplies.

My full statement of intent will be released by the SGA on Tuesday, September 22 by 5:00 PM EST !