Trustee Andrea Duhon graduated from McNeese State University with a BA in Business and Marketing. She lives in Katy with her husband, Hank, a US Navy Veteran. Hank and Andrea have two daughters and new baby boy. Her fierce work ethic and passion for education was shaped by her experience in after-school programs and community impact organizations as a child, and exemplified by her lifestyle as a part-time graduate student at the University of Houston’s Master of Public Administration program and full-time working mother and wife.


Trustee Duhon cares deeply about her community. Her journey began with her concern over the elimination of funding for the two-way immersion program for Spanish Immersion, which was available in her local school district until 2017 when it was abruptly removed. Her plight to rally for the return of TWI not only to her school district, but to all of Harris County lead to her appointment to the board through her continuous advocation for funding and support of public education programs. Duhon testified to the State House Public Education committee in 2019 to prevent Sunset review of the Harris County Department of Education and rallied organizations and local public school advocates to speak to the board on several occasions to continue to support the needs of the community through HCDE.

Work in Action

Since her appointment to the board, Andrea has been a fierce advocate for students and teachers throughout Harris County. It was Andrea’s pet project after hearing concerns from the public to create a program which helped mitigate the cost of teachers paying for school supplies out of their own pockets. Andrea helped to design and implement the Tools for Teachers program, in which public school teachers in Harris County can register online to allow them to choose supplies to be sent to them at their respective schools, free of charge. Andrea hopes to expand this program until the issue is solved for Harris County public school teachers. Andrea also advocated and pushed for all HCDE employees to receive a minimum of $15 an hour, as she believes that a living wage should be a right for working people. This pay scale was brought about in 2021. Trustee Duhon worked to help expand early childhood education & after school programs throughout the county and Is currently helping to develop a pathway for graduates to connect with workforce certification programs through local union apprenticeships, as well as expanded adult education programs.


Early Education & After School Programs

through out Harris County

Designed and Implemented

'Tools for Teachers'

a program to provide public school teachers with classroom supplies

Fought and Succeeded in HCDE Salary Policies, where every

HCDE Employee earn $15+ per hour

Helped to develop pathway for graduates to connect with

Workforce Certification Programs

Continuing the Work

Trustee Duhon is looking forward to being a part of the team that continues expansion of new Academic Behavior schools, early childhood development programs, and other important enrichment programs for students. She will continue to work toward creating opportunities for secondary language programs, physical enrichment, and workforce development. Trustee Andrea Duhon hopes to have your support to continue to fight for teachers, students, and the entire community of Harris County, as she understands that supporting working families and students is what creates the growth we all hope to see in our society.