I'm Tom Ramsey

I'm running for your Piedmont City Council.

Why I'm running:

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Piedmont's a great town.

Like many of our neighbors, our family moved to Piedmont 25 years ago to send our two daughters to the public schools. We had a four year old, a four month old, and a house that needed some work. Fast forward to today and our daughters have graduated Piedmont High School, graduated college and are both independent, strong young women. The house still needs some work, though.

Get in touch at tom@vote4tomramsey.com

My experience can make a difference.

We came for the schools, we stayed for the friendships, location, and the services delivered by the city. Piedmont operates well because of a dedicated staff of city workers and first responders, an engaged public and a group of volunteers that make the city work.

We have an "A" Team on City Council now, our leaders are attorneys, experts in law, business and public policy. I bring a different experience to add to the mix of talent: I've been helping people plan, design and build in the Bay Area for over 30 years and for the past 7 years I have served on Piedmont's Planning Commission. I like to solve problems and I've spent my career building and leading teams.

That's a good recipe for our City Council

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Get in touch at tom@vote4tomramsey.com