About me

SV member since 1976, 9 years experience as German LG Teaching Helper, 8 years member of the LG1 Board, since 1993 SV Performance Judge. German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada member since 2001, GSSCC Teaching Helper, GSSCC Performance Judge, GSSCC Team Captain, GSSCC President 2005 -2009, GSSCC Head Judge 2004 –2009, For many years member of the GSSCC Judges and Helper committee. President of the Prince Edward Island Schutzhund Club. East Regional Chairperson 2015-2016, Helper since 1974 with over 70 000 protections done all over the world. Helper at the BSZS 1986 and GSSCC Championships in 2004.

As a Helper I worked dogs in hundreds of seminars and workshops all over the world.

SV/GSSCC Judge on many different Regional and National Championships. Judge for three Universal World Championships. Judging and seminar assignments in 28 different countries.

I trained and titled 25 different GSD's in more than 230 trials! From this 25 dogs, 4 dogs competed at World Championships! The last two, dogs from my kennel, raised and handler, owned trained. I handled at many Regionals as well Nationals and 8 times at World Championships. Living in Canada since 2001, I handled at 9 Nationals with 4 different dogs and finished three times second.

Breeder under the kennel name " vom Kiebitzende"

So far 21 different dogs competed on National and also World level. We managed to have 4 times the GSSCC Universal Sieger title with 3 different dogs and 5 times the “Best Canadian Bred IPO3 Dog”

5 dogs from our breedings managed to represent Canada at a World Championship.

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