Dreamer/Immigrant Stories

      • Liz shares at Taylor University Chapel [video]
      • Jose's story [video]
      • Diana's story [video]
      • Kamau's story [video]
      • Maria's story [video]
      • Ruth & Hilario's interviews on Telemundo [video clip]
      • Itzayana’s story [video]
      • Jemima’s story [video]
      • Liz’s story [video]
      • Ricardo’s story [video]
      • Yuriana featured on the WORLD Radio podcast: [audio]
      • Vanessa & Elisa share their stories with Matt Hawkins in SBC's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission podcast: [audio]
      • Christian Dreamers share on Only in America: [audio]
      • Jose shares his story with Matt Hawkins & Travis Wussow in SBC's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission podcast: [audio]
      • Erick shares his story with Alan Cross on the When Heaven and Earth Collide podcast: [audio]
      • Fia shares her story on Moody Radio Indiana: [audio download]
      • Liz shares her story on The Phil Vischer Podcast: [audio on iTunes]
      • "Congress: We're Still Praying for Thousands of Dreamers Stuck in Uncertainty," Marisol Cabrera shares in this joint Christian Post OpEd with John Stumbo, President of the Christian & Missionary Alliance (3/21/18)
      • "American Dreamer: Hilario Yanez," Hilario Yanez shares in this New York Times OpEd
      • "Thankful Dreamer seeks path moving forward," Jonathan Alfonseca shares in this Englewood Herald article (3/13/18)
      • "Faces of DACA," Liz Dong shares in this WORLD Magazine feature (2/28/18)
      • "Christians Must Not Fail America's Dreamers," Bruno Yupanqui shares in this joint OpEd with Liberty University Professor Karen Swallow Prior (2/11/18)
      • "Praying, Pleading, for Consensus That Protects Dreamers," Abigail Molina shares in this joint Christian Post OpEd with Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (2/7/18)
      • "My Take: Time to act on a ‘DACA solution’ is now," Adriana Vazquez shares in this joint OpEd with Adam Lipscomb, Lead Pastor at City Life Church (Grand Rapids, MI) (1/30/18)
      • "Senators, find a solution to keep Dreamers here," Anna Munoz shares in this joint IndyStar OpEd with Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent Emerita of the Wesleyan Church
      • "The Reality of an Alabama Dreamer’s Roots," Lizbeth Duran-Ortiz shares in this ERLC article
      • "Don’t Deport Me, a Michiganian," Vanessa Gutierrez shares in this Detroit News article
      • "Dreamers are Thankful," Liz Dong shares in this Christian Post article
      • "Christian DACA Recipients Reflect On What They’re Thankful For This Holiday," [Huffington Post article about Voices of Christian Dreamers]
      • “I’m an Undocumented Immigrant and an Evangelical Christian,” Liz Dong shares in this TIME article
      • “My Immigration Status: Beloved,” Adriana Mondragon share sin this Christianity Today article
      • Left in America: The Story of Juan Terrazas [book by Sally Salas & Juan Terrazas, HIS Publishing]
      • Underwater Dreams (documentary on Dreamers competing in a robotics competition, also available via streaming video)
      • McFarland USA (feature film about Dreamers on a cross country team in California)

Biblical Perspectives on Immigration



      • The Stranger (40-minute documentary from the Evangelical Immigration Table)

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