Bold Park Community School

host of the Bold VOICE conference

Sunday, 21st of November, 2021

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Why not create your own VOICE event at your school!

Would your school like to develop its own VOICE event next year? Would your class like to learn about how to lead a VOICE event for your school?

Schools will be supported by the UWA Graduate School of Education to undertake the planning, organisation and running of their own VOICE event.

Please stay tuned for updates and contact

Fiona Mayne or Gemma Scarparolo for further information (Updated 30th September 2022)

Dr Mayne and Dr Scarparolo with Bella Burgemeister, teen author, environmental presenter and climate activist at the 2021 BOLD VOICE conference. As the author of Bella’s Challenge, Bella was one of the ‘experts’ invited by Drs Mayne and Scarparolo to work with the students.

Children’s VOICE Conference - 2021 Report

As part of their research agendas focusing on children’s rights and inclusive education, and their interest in authentic community engagement, Dr Fiona Mayne and Dr Gemma Scarparolo conceptualised a conference in 2019 by and for primary school children. This VOICE conference concept was developed to acknowledge and celebrate International World Children’s Day on 20th November. The original iteration of the children’s VOICE conference in partnership with UNICEF Australia empowered 5- to 12-year-old children to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions about matters that were important to them.

The second iteration in 2021 of this conference, again in partnership with UNICEF Australia, ‘BOLD VOICE’, built on the original concept, was held in a metropolitan primary school. A class of Year 5 and 6 students were mentored over an extended period by Gemma and Fiona to plan the conference, and the students were supported to take on the role of the steering committee for the conference. The focus of the conference was on children’s voices, and as steering committee members the students contributed to many aspects of the planning, organisation and running of the conference. These students were also mentored in media engagement by Draw History, and to research and develop presentations on topics that they identified as being important to their local community. As part of the process, the students were mentored to engage with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their subsequent understanding of the SDGs helped them contextualise a range of issues and develop potential solutions, which were informed by their research and presented to the gathering.

On the day of the conference, the steering committee also became the ‘faces’ of the conference and took on a leadership presence performing logistical tasks and engaging with media. The conference was attended by 130 children, families community members, community leaders and staff from UNICEF Australia. As the BOLD VOICE Schools initiative is an innovative concept, and one that was found to seamlessly integrate into, and enhance, the students’ regular learning program, the school greatly valued this unique engagement opportunity. Dr Mayne and Scarparolo wish to thank the students, educators, parents and community for their enthusiastic engagement and support of this initiative.

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