Video clips

Dendrological garden. Territory development concept. Visualization - 3D graphics.

Pre-design proposal for a home of sobriety for Boston. A Sober Home is a sober, safe, and healthy living environment that promotes recovery from alcohol and other drug use and associated problems.

Facade visualization and site landscaping for a Boston architect. The house is being built in the suburbs of Boston. 2020

Completed design of the mansion. I made a video of our work. Work in Domus-studio.

Render animation 3D. Video editing clip.

Florida Park Residences Condominium by MFL DEVELOPMENT -Diana Beach, FL

Visualization of the cottage according to the architectural project.

Documentary about the theater in Guangzhou, built by the architect Zaha Hadid.

Animation 3D screensavers, the nature of the lake, the scene of ancient China,

the design of captions. Production "Domus-studio".

Filming and editing a video for a massage specialist.

A clip about Husky puppies.

Work examples. Fragments of 3D video clips.

Archive-catalog of clips on the site