Visible Light Communication for Indoor Monitoring (VLADIMIR)*

* This project has received funding from the ATTRACT project funded by the EC under Grant Agreement 777222

Figure 1. Indoor monitoring system sensing the optical power delay profile of VLC system wavelengths (colors).

Overview of VLADIMIR conept

Lighting is present in most indoor areas. Apart from illumination, the lighting infrastructure can also be used for data communication using Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology. VLC encodes the data into fast changes on the intensity of the LED light in transmission and, at the receiver, these intensity fluctuations are detected using a Photodiode.

So far, the presence of opaque objects inside the room has been considered as a disadvantage for VLC, as they affect the intensity of the optical wireless signal that is received. Nevertheless, if the optical power that is scattered back on the different visible light wavelengths (or colors) is properly characterized, lighting can be also used for indoor monitoring purposes, eliminating the necessity of redundant sensing devices or surveillance video cameras.

The aim of VLADIMIR project is to demonstrate the feasibility of implementing a monitoring system for indoor areas sensing the variations that the optical wireless channel experiences when a “target” event takes place.

First version of VLC demonstrator

For the third consecutive year, the CTTC participated in the Overseas Internship Scheme (OIS) programme of Hong Kong City University (HK CityU,, aiming at enriching the work experience of its students by offering to them industrial- and research-based training as interns in wold-class institutions all over the world. In this opportunity, four students were selected to spend a 10-week internship at the premises of CTTC during summer 2019.

Tthree HK CityU students presented the results of the research projects that they have carried out during their visit, on the project entitled "Software-defined implementation of an OFDM-based Visible Light Communication (VLC) demonstrator"

CTTC Supervisor: Dr. Alexis Dowhuszko (

HK CityU students: Yuen Man WAN, Yau Chun WONG and Fu Chiu YING .

Department of Communications and Networking (Comnet), School of Electrical Engineering (ELEC), Aalto University