Viva Portugues

Susan Dealis Gobbo

Educational Programming Coordinator & Portuguese Instructor


Susan is Brazilian. She has 16 years of experience in working as a Physical Therapist in a cutting edge Hospital in Brazil. Susan moved to St. Louis with her wonderful husband and their lovely girl in 2008. Susan is passionate for learning cross-cultural subjects, getting to know people from different cultures and studying different languages. She's been teaching Portuguese language since 2014. Susan has been working in many projects related not only with Brazilians, but also with immigrants in general. Susan is eager to keep alive the Portuguese language and to share the Brazilian culture contributing to expand the diversity in St Louis community.

Kelli Martin

Portuguese Youth Instructor


Kelli is a native Portuguese speaker, from Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. She also speaks Spanish and English. She has BA in Biological Sciences and a Graduate Degree in Biotechnology from the Universidade Barão de Mauá de Ribeirão Preto (Brazil). She launched the Technical Applied Sciences laboratories, where she functioned as a supervisor. She was also Professor of Biology at Rede Marista de Colégios in Ribeirão Preto (Brazil). Kelli has over twenty years of experience in education, teaching in various subjects, including Portuguese. She has experience in working with students from 3 to 17 years old. She is married and has two lovely daughters. Kelli is a very energetic person and she enjoys introducing music as part of her classroom activities. She considers that playing her guitar and singing with her students help them to learn Portuguese in a very fun and exciting atmosphere.

Elizabeth Fernandes Oriani

Portuguese Adult Instructor


Beth is native from São Paulo, Brazil. She started her professional in technology carrier in São Paulo, and continued it in Portugal (1998 – 2006). In 2006 she moved to St Louis. Beth has been an active and passionate participant of Viva Brasil association since its inception. She is also a Portuguese instructor at the Viva Português program.

Marcello Pesce

Portuguese Adult Instructor


Marcello is a native Portuguese speaker from São Paulo, Brazil. Besides Portuguese, Marcello is fluent in Spanish, Italian, English and French. He has a background in sales and marketing and has worked for companies such as Danone, Mattel, Bunge and Rubbermaid. After working in sales and marketing, Marcello started his own Italian restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil. He has a Bachelor in Business Administration and an MBA in Retail Management. Marcello arrived in St. Louis a in 2016 with his wife Sophia and daughter Maria. Marcello now works as a financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual and is passionate about teaching and helping people.

Leticia Sophia Pesce

Portuguese Kid Instructor


Sophia is a native Portuguese speaker from São Paulo, Brazil. She graduated with Bachelor in Marketing and Communication, took two years of Fine Arts College and has experience in Graphic Designer. Sophia also owned and operated an Italian restaurant with her husband Marcello. Sophia, Marcello and her daughter Maria moved to St. Louis in 2016. She now wants to dedicate more time to arts and culture, and she thinks spreading her mother language is a wonderful way to do it.

Eliane de Grossi de Souza

Portuguese Kid Instructor


Natália Grossi de Souza

Maria Vitoría Pesce

Laura Gobbo

Portuguese Kids Instructor

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