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"Streets of Gold" 30"*30".Mixed Media on Canvas. Available.

"St. Lazare" Pastel. 16"*20". Available.

"Hotel Paris" Pastel. 24"*36". Available.

"Ancient Way" Oil on Board 18"*24" Available

"Museum Mile" Oil on Canvas 11*11" on board. Available

Frenetic (Fifth Avenue)" 17*10 Oil on Board. Available

"Cathedral in Blue Light" 5*7" Oil on Board. Available

"Night at the Paris Opera" 13*17" Pastel. Available

"Wait for a Minute" 24*36" Oil.Sold

"Balbi's Arch" 14*16" Pastel. Available

"Stepping out of the Metropolitan" oil 12*16". Sold

"Bella New York" 24*36". Sold

"Fifth Avenue" 12*16" Oil . Available

"Musee D'Orsay" 14*19" Pastel. Available

"New York Grit" 12 *16. Multimedia. Available.