Virtually Red: Artist Marsha Wright-Reeves


Custom works can include painting, stained glass, jewelry, and sculptures, among other works. Commissions are available for both public and personal collections. Prices start at $50 and may range up to $5,000. Call for a free quote and an estimated duration for the work.

Art Lessons

Instruction options include drawing, stained glass (Lead, copper foil, and glass mosaic), and painting in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Inquire for additional options. Lessons range from children age 5 and up to adults. Duration of classes may vary, but with a minimum of two hours. Private lessons are $15 per hour. Group lessons are $10 per hour, per person.

Antique Frame Restoration

Restoration of old guilded frames that have lost some of their decoration, including filigree and guilding replacement. Duration of work may vary. Call for a free estimate.