64th Annual Great River Road Run

The 2023 Race is back out on the road in Alton, IL! 

The date is set for November 25th, 2023!

64th Annual 

Great River Road Run

What your race will help?

The Alton Road Runners Club is a non-profit organization. Our main source of fundraising for everything we do comes from the Great River Road Run. We always have a great turn out for the race and it is what funds all of our other community races and events. 

This race helps fund our Summer Running Series in the summer, with the Alton Memorial Family Run, the Pee Wee Run, and the Dash-n-Glow. With each race providing a T-shirt, refreshments, or prizes. Another event this helps us do is the Track Series in June, helping us put on five days of racing around the track and EAWR HS. And the last event it helps us do is our wonderful Cross Country Runner of the Year Banquet. An event that brings together 17 high schools from around the area to honor their outstanding runners from the Cross Country Season. 

Your race and all of our proceeds will go towards putting on all of these amazing events that help bring the community together and to promote running to the younger generation and help build and maintain the sport that we all love. If you have any questions about our events or the club you can find answers here.

We appreciate all of those that will run in our race this year because it will help our club put on all of our yearly events in the future for years to come.