Virtual Exchange Workshop

A Hands-On Workshop Drawing on Insights from the VALIANT European Project

Malmö University

Friday, 29th of September 2023

The primary objective of the workshop is to showcase the results of the European project VALIANT (Virtual Innovation and Support Networks for Teachers). The initiative is aimed at assisting in-service and pre-service teachers, and teacher educators in enhancing their skills for incorporating innovative technologies into their educational practices. We have invited guest speakers from Spain and Cyprus, Professor Robert O'Dowd and Special Teaching Staff Anna Nicolaou, who will share their insights on and expertise in this topic.  In addition, you will be invited to take part in two hands-on workshops, offered by our project partners, guest speakers and participating teachers on how to plan, organise and hold virtual exchanges in your different educational contexts.  Lunch will be provided!


Department of Culture, Languages and Media

Faculty of Education and Society

Malmö University

Nordenskiöldsgatan 10 (map below) 

206 05 Malmö


Malin Reljanovic Glimäng

Anna Wärnsby