Visibly Imperfectly Perfect Mission:

Visibly Imperfectly Perfect is dedicated to providing support, education, awareness, and advocacy for characteristically unique individuals, their families, and our global community.

Research Opportunity

Having Vitiligo and experiencing suicidal thoughts was something that I, Andre, experienced. I am asking members from the Vitiligo community to participate in a research study involving Vitiligo and suicidal thoughts (or ideation). I am seeking your assistance with the goal of better empathy for our community and education to the public.

Your participation will take about 20-25 minutes. Participants must be 18 years and older, read English, and identify as having Vitiligo. All eligible participants will be able for raffle entry for one of six, $25 Amazon gift cards.

This research survey link will take you to the statements of informed consent and the participant survey questions or copy and paste the URL in your web browser:

Thank you for taking the time to consider participation in this study. You can forward this invitation to additional individuals who may be eligible for participation.

Andre Joachim, PhD student, and Kimberly A. Hart, Ph.D. are conducting this study in affiliation with the Counselor Education and Supervision program at Northern Illinois University. This research has been approved by the Northern Illinois University Office of Research Compliance, protocol number: #HS19-0076.

About Us

Visibly Imperfectly Perfect (VIPerfect) is non-profit organization founded in 2019 to raise awareness, educate, support, and serve the global Vitiligo community as well as others who are characteristically unique. VIPerfect’s focus is to assist people who live with characteristically unique physical features, by centering on living a less stressful and more meaningful life. What is a meaningful life? A meaningful life is knowing you can do anything that you choose to do without feeling fear rejection, discrimination, or being subjected to any type of social bias or trauma.

VIPerfect members strive to assist individuals who have been diagnosed with Vitiligo, their families, and loved ones by focusing on the social, emotional, financial, physical, and psychological needs of the community.

VIPerfect looks to connect community members in navigating spaces with barriers or that influence impairments in everyday living. VIPerfect efforts focus on the holistic needs of the community; providing information and social assistance to individuals who face distress.

VIPerfect is an action-oriented nonprofit creating new ways to promote advocacy around the world, while partnering with other organizations to increase awareness and educate the public about Vitiligo and additional characteristically unique communities.

As part of our VIPerfect philosophy, we believe “a single shout can cause a ripple to activate change, but a community of voices can create a tsunami to change the landscape forever.” We value your voice and we ask for your assistance as we create a tsunami to change perceptions, stereotypes, provide support, spread awareness, educate the masses, and to revitalize meaningful daily living experiences with self and our entire Visibly Imperfectly Perfect world.