Trip Canceled Due to COVID 19

Getting ready for the Trans America Trail 2020

Is There A Cost To Join This Adventure?

No. There is no “entry fee” to join this trip, but you need to do some preparation to get ready. Trans America Trail maps can be purchased online, and there is very good information available on the internet to help you plan. Mapping and logistics will be discussed on the Facebook page. There will be lists of interesting places to stop along the way, available to download. Much of the information you will need will be shared by fellow participants on the Facebook page. The TAT is a well known route, the maps are available, and the roads are all open to the public. All we are offering to you is a place to find some valuable information, meet great people, and share your passion for vintage off road vehicles. If you ever thought about going on a memorable adventure in your old Jeep, Land Rover, Land Cruiser, etc, 2020 might be a good year to do it. You won't be out there alone.

Where do we join the adventure?

Any location along the route that is convenient for you. Some people will plan to do the entire TAT route, others will join for only a day or two. Finding the group should be fairly easy by following us on YouTube and Facebook.

When do we join the adventure?

Any time that is convenient for you. The plan is to leave the east coast all within a few days of each other. This will be spread out over more days if there is a large number of vehicles. We don't want too many vehicles on the trail at the same time, in the same area. We can be followed on Facebook and YouTube almost every day. You will know where we are and when. Joining us along the way should be fairly easy.

Is Everyone Doing The Same Route?

Probably not. There are many variations of the route along the way. You decide what interests you and plan your day accordingly. You may see friends at breakfast and not again until dinner. There will be plenty of stories to share at the end of the day. Weather and other variables will also change daily plans. For example, the route a group took the day before you, might have to be bypassed because of heavy rain that night. This kind of important information will be shared every day.

Where Do We Stay at Night?

There are numerous motels, hotels and campgrounds etc… along the route. We will also be reaching out to people who live near the trail who might be willing to host our groups. There are people everywhere who are interested in the old vehicles we drive. Hopefully, some of them will allow us to camp on their property.

What is the highlight of this adventure?

Moab Utah, in early July. The plan is for everyone to meet in Moab for a few days. This gives the people who are a couple days behind a chance to catch up. This is a great place to explore the sites. We will get a picture of all the vehicles together, at one of Moabs most scenic spots. From here some of the east coast folks will head home, and many who live in the west will join the adventure from here. This is the only place we'd like everyone who is a part of the Vintage Trans America Trail 2020 Adventure to be together at the same time. As we get closer to the departure date, more activities will be planned in Moab.

Are we all traveling in one group?

If we have a very small number of vehicles, we will be traveling together in one group. Our impact on the trail and the towns we pass through has to be as minimal as possible. Maximum number of vehicles in one group will not exceed 6. This is a long practiced rule of the Overlanding community.

Trip Canceled Due to COVID 19