Ph. Chiara de Marchi

Vincenzo Morinelli, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Department of Mathematics, "Tor Vergata" Univ. of Rome

Via della Ricerca Scientifica, 1 - I-00133 Rome, Italy.

email: morinell(at)

Hello everyone! some info about my job...

I am a mathematician doing research on Operator Algebra and Algebraic Quantum Field Theory.

From March 2019 I am Postdoctoral Researcher for INdAM, the National Institute for High Mathematics with my research project "Operator algebraic aspects of Quantum Field Theory". Host Institution: department of Mathematics , "Tor Vergata" University of Rome.

From March 2016 to I was Postdoctoral Researcher for the for the Roberto Longo ERC advanced grant "Quantum Algebraic Structures and Models" and from 01/03/2018 supported by the program MIUR FARE.

I had my Phd in Mathematics under the Supervision of Prof. Roberto Longo on December 2015 at the department of Mathematics of "Tor Vergata" Univ. of Rome. My Ph.D. Thesis is entitled "On the Bisognano-Wichmann Property, Nuclearity and Particle Localization".

My master degree in Mathematics was obtained in July 2012 at the Department of mathematics of Roma Tre. My advisor was Prof. Giovanni Mancini and the title of the thesis was: "The Semilinear Klein-Gordon Equation in two and three space dimensions"

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