I'm a Assistant professor in Economics at Institut Mines-Telecom, Business school, LITEM.

My research interests are digital platform, economics of privacy, industrial organization, machine learning and artificial intelligence, advertising.

I use Python to generate and manage original database: webscraping, Web API, Jupiter and Pandas program.




  • NBER Economics of Privacy (2022)

  • Prix de thèse AFREN 2021

  • CIST 2022: Member of the program Committee

  • Member of iLAB IDEAL “Initiative on Data Economics, Ethics and ALgorithms” (link)

List of publications:

Google scholars

Fields of research:

  • Digital economics

  • Machine Learning and artificial intelligence

  • Digital platforms

  • Python and web scraping

  • Economics of privacy

  • Information System


  • Visiting Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University at Peex lab Fall under the direction of Prof. Alessandro Acquisti. 2017


Vincent Lefrere is an Assistant professor in Economics at Institut Mines-Télécom, Business School, LITEM. He completed his Ph.D in Economics at the University Paris Saclay & Institut Mines -Télécom, Business School LITEM, funded by "Futur & Ruptures" scholarship, supervised by Grazia Cecere and Fabrice Le Guel (RITM). He was visiting researcher at the Carnegie Mellon University at the PEEX research group. In 2016, he graduated with honors from the Master IREN Paris Saclay with a specialization in digital economics. During his bachelor at Université Paris Saclay, he spent one year at the University of Calgary in Canada. His general research interests are machine learning and artificial intelligence, economics of privacy, digital platforms, Information System, economics of the internet.