News & Announcements


Villa De Palmas Flag Pole

At the last VDP Board Meeting, the Board unanimously agreed to replace the bent flag pole. The work on the flag pole will begin the weekend of 4/2/2022. Volunteers will remove the existing bent pole and remove the base in preparation of a new base and pole. The new pole will have a higher wind rating than the old one. It will be the same height but larger in diameter. We expect the new flag pole to be in place within 2 weeks.

Update 4/11/2022 - The Flag Pole has now been replaced.


Sea Ray Drive Bridge

Brevard County County Commissioners unanimously approved going forward with the $5M replacement of the Sea Ray Drive Bridge

Minimum Navigational Clearances:

Existing Clearances Proposed Clearances

Horizontal: 37.00 ft Horizontal: 96.00 ft

Vertical: 15.00 ft Vertical: 18.96 ft

County officials estimate construction will take 18 months. We have not yet received a start date for this project. Once known, I will post it here.


Villa De Palmas Road Work

The roads, curbs, drainage, and sidewalks within Villa De Palmas are maintained by Brevard County Public Works.

In addition to maintaining the structural integrity of County-maintained roads (i.e., repair of potholes, washouts, etc.), Brevard County Public Works activities include:

· Maintaining all County jurisdictional ditches and related drainage structures.

· Preparation of these roads for resurfacing and paving and coordination of work through private contractors.

· Reviewing newly constructed roads, prior to acceptance by Brevard County, for compliance with all standards and requirements.

You may contact them directly to report issues, problems, or request service.

Central Office

Jason Kelly - Area Manager

555 Cone Road

Merritt Island, Florida 32952

(321) 455-1389

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

7:00AM - 3:30PM

Road work within the Sykes Creek Drive area was completed in October 2021. Speed humps were added to Sykes Creek Drive at that time. The remaining roads within the community are not scheduled to be repaved until 2023. If speed humps are desired on Via De La Reina and/or Via Havarre, a petition would need to be completed ASAP.


Our Community is located within the Brevard County Mosquito Control Management Area 32A. We were last sprayed 10/18/2021 .

Watering restrictions

Villa De Palmas is within the St. Johns River Water Management District’s watering restrictions which are designed to ensure the efficient use of water for landscape irrigation.

Homes with odd numbered addresses

Daylight saving time: Wednesday/Saturday

Eastern Standard Time: Saturday

Homes with even numbered addresses

Daylight saving time: Thursday/Sunday

Eastern Standard Time: Sunday

The restrictions allow enough water to maintain healthy landscapes year-round. The mandatory restrictions specify the time when watering may occur, the amount of water that may be applied, and the days when watering may occur for residential and nonresidential locations.

  • Daylight saving time: Second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November

  • Eastern Standard Time: First Sunday in November until the second Sunday in March

  • An odd numbered address is one that ends in 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9.

  • An even numbered address is one that ends in 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8.

  • Water only when needed and not between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

  • Water for no more than one hour per zone.

  • Restrictions apply to private wells and pumps, ground or surface water and water from public and private utilities.