The Truth About the Vietnam War

The Democratic Party's Betrayal of South Vietnam

Michael T. Griffith

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In January 1973, America forced communist North Vietnam to sign a ceasefire agreement, after soundly defeating the North Vietnamese army. South Vietnam was free and independent. But then the Democrats in Congress substantially cut American aid to South Vietnam (the Democrats controlled Congress at the time). The Democrats also passed a bill that virtually guaranteed that America would not intervene to save South Vietnam, giving the Communists a green light to invade. And when North Vietnam broke the ceasefire agreement and launched a massive assault on South Vietnam, the Democrats refused to honor our promise to provide air support to South Vietnam if the Communists invaded. President Ford pleaded with the Democrats to let him provide air support to repel the North Vietnamese invasion, but they refused. In April 1975, North Vietnam, with the help of military aid from the Soviet Union, conquered South Vietnam. Hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese were either murdered or sent to brutal "reeducation" camps. Hundreds of thousands of others fled by sea and became the famous "Boat People."


  1. America lost the Vietnam War, and the war was unwinnable anyway.

  2. The Tet Offensive proved that the war could not be won.

  3. South Vietnam's government did not deserve our support.

  4. The South Vietnamese army did not want to fight.

  5. Most American soldiers were draftees.

  6. A disproportionate number of American soldiers were minorities.

  7. American forces routinely committed war crimes in Vietnam.

  8. American generals in Vietnam repeatedly lied about the progress of the war.

  9. The Domino Theory was proved false.

  10. North Vietnam was willing to hold free and fair elections.

The famous picture of a South Vietnamese general, General Loan, executing a captured Viet Cong fighter in Saigon during the 1968 Tet Offensive. The American news media and liberal politicians cited this picture as proof that South Vietnamese soldiers were brutal and lawless. They failed to mention that the Viet Cong fighter had led an assassination squad, that he had just murdered a South Vietnamese family, and that he deserved to be executed under the articles of the Geneva Convention.

Images from John Wayne's 1968 movie The Green Berets, the only Hollywood movie that portrayed the Vietnam War as a noble cause during the war.

Liberals mocked and condemned Wayne's accurate movie as war propaganda, while they themselves were busy repeating North Vietnamese and Soviet propaganda against the war. It is no exaggeration to say that North Vietnam's two most important allies during the war were American anti-war Democrats and the American news media.