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Are you eligible?

Unlike many veterans organizations, the VFW has something of an exclusive set of membership requirements – essentially you must have served in support of combat or other defined operations for which you have received a campaign medal or ribbon. There are exceptions to this but we’ll leave that for later.

The one major exception is service in Korea which because the 1950s Korean War was never officially ended still qualifies those who have served on the Korean Peninsula, its airspace and territorial waters for (30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days of duty.

So who can join?

Veterans who served overseas in Foreign Wars, Expeditionary Campaigns, Occupation Duty or served in Korea anytime.

If you have earned one of the following Qualifying Campaigns, Ribbons or Medals, then you can join:

  • Service on the Korean Peninsula (30 Consecutive Days)
  • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
  • Navy and Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal
  • Vietnam Service Medal
  • Southwest Asia Service Medal
  • Kosovo Campaign Medal
  • Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
  • Afghanistan or Iraq Campaign Medal

There are, of course, many more campaigns recognized for membership. However, most pre-date the majority of new members. These date back to 1898.

There are also some special groups whose military combat service are not recognized by a medal or ribbon. For example, any veteran who has received Hostile Fire or Imminent Danger Pay is also eligible for VFW membership. This includes the following awards:

  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Combat Infantry Badge
  • Combat Medical Badge

The full list can be found at:

Why Join?

We know what it's like to be far from home serving our country. WE'VE BEEN IN YOUR BOOTS. To make sure you receive the recognition and support you deserve, we fight in Washington to protect your rights and work hard on the local level to make your tours easier.

Some of VFW's more recent assistance includes:

  • AFEM for troops in Bosnia.
  • Hardship pay for Joint Task Force Full Accounting personnel.
  • 100,000 care packages worth more than $1 million to troops overseas during the Gulf War.
  • Pre-paid telephone cards to active duty troops and hospitalized veterans via VFW's Operation Uplink.

Do you respect the flag?

Do you consider yourself patriotic?

Are you proud of your service?

Do you care about the quality of life in your community?

Do you enjoy the company of other veterans?

Do you think it's imperative to find the cause of Gulf War Syndrome?

Do you think a strong national defense is needed?

If these issues are important to you, THEN THE VFW IS YOUR ORGANIZATION. For the rank and file membership, these are the core reasons for becoming a VFW member. If you want to protect you and your buddies' hard earned benefits, then you have to get involved. How will veterans benefits be protected in the future if there are no veterans groups around to do it?

It was VFW and other veterans advocates who made today's benefits a reality.

Join today and become a member of the elite - the VFW.

Join the many Veterans, Active-duty, National Guard and Reserve troops who have already become VFW members.

Join the elite. Join today.

YOU CAN MAKE the difference today by completing an application. We invite you to join the elite and continue the tradition of excellence that has come to symbolize the VFW.

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