ZX Attic

A virtual attic where I put some of my works

on Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K and ZX Spectrum Next

All images on this site are just intended to better introduce the arguments.

v.Forth 1.5 for NextZXOS a NextZXOS FIG-Forth implementation (BLOCKS and Z80N extensions)

Assembler Vocabulary a summary on ASSEMBLER vocabulary for v.Forth 1.5

ZX Microdrive Cruncher utility to manipulate Microdrive cartridge image files

White Lightning Disassembly a PDF scan of my pencil & paper disassembly listing

Input Listings two TAP file of listing published on Input magazine (I know available here)

Utilities ZX Spectrum Next "colour-picker"

vForth1.413 previous vForth version

vForth 1.3 previous vForth version