Support your favorite VEuPathDB resource


The Eukaryotic Pathogen, Host & Vector Bioinformatics Resource Center ( is currently up for renewal, which is likely to depend on strong support from our user communities, including researchers working on pathogenic (and selected non-pathogenic) fungi, parasites, arthropod vectors and metazoan hosts.  With the increased availability of Omics-scale datasets for metazoan parasites, we are now expected to support helminth data as well.


As in previous years, rather than soliciting hundreds of separate letters, we have asked leading researchers to write letters representing entire taxa, to be signed by as many lab heads from the international research community as are willing to append their name, using a web-based Qualtrics survey to streamline signature collection.  Community letters supporting VEuPathDB are accessible here:


Please consider adding your name to letter(s) relevant to resources important for your research program.  Responses will be most helpful if received by 1 Aug 2023 … do it today!