Robots vs. Aliens

It's 100 years into the future. Sentient robots live among us, but there are hidden dark secrets about their origin. Peaceful transmissions to extra terrestrial beings are misinterpreted. Robotic insurrection. Alien invasion. Global destruction. Humanity has made some mistakes, but we may have a shot at a second chance. Intercepted transmissions have been sent back in time and delivered to you through mail. Can you piece them together in order to warn the world and avoid the mistakes of our future?

Robots Vs. Aliens is an ambitious multi medium project led by Joe Bauer (Verzerren) with artistic collaboration from Aaron Graff (Artorig) and features a song with Nick Gaydos (Thynk). At its core it is a short science fiction story told in small fragments where the reader must piece the storyline together themselves. The story is told through artifacts (letters, music, and postcards) mailed to you, one by one, over the span of about two weeks.

As an electronic music album, each track represents a chapter within the story. As such, each song was composed and performed to match the story elements of the chapter it represents. Each of these chapters/songs has a matching postcard.