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Unite and Create

These days we are confronted with fear in a world that appears more difficult to navigate, yet we move about to make the best of the situation.  Very United LLC was founded on a premise of unity creates power.  When voices from all over America Unite we can listen to real truths, confronting real neighborhoods, where we can do something about it right in our back yard.  

We believe all begins and ends in our local communities and without healthy infrastructures for transport and access to healthy food, and positive education, our poverty stricken communities will keep lagging behind indefinitely. 

It takes extraordinary people from the communities to activate young minds to do incredible things.  That support, of non-profits, social leaders, and artists bring together the message and the unity needed to prosper. 

Begin the Walk

Local is where the day begins and ends.  Its where we are most of the time, and its home.  We fight to tell our story of what is happening throughout the city, from the parks, to the art centers, and even nationally discussed laws that move from the local city councils help shape our values over time. 

When we imagine a world of justice and equality, are we apart of the path to achieving this positive goal or are we just talking.  At Very United we feel strong super local activities that drive unity are integral to healthy communities.  When asked how do we compare to the ones with less, how do we answer and more importantly how do you give back?  

Our show helps people get to know others and connect in the local community, discussing topics that are important to healthy and strong communities and the values that they support.  We support environmentally sound practices, social justice and artistic endeavors that can support and build the backbone of a strong diverse community. 


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June 15th, 2021: Release Date

March 1st, 2021, Very United C.E.O.  Danco Sotirovski begins broadcasting  daily on 690AM : WNZK from 9am to 11am Monday through Friday.  This expansion gives Very United Media an additional 10 hours of programming per week and 40 hours of programming per month. Very United's pursuit to reach a larger audience continues.  This expansion creates a 50 plus audience that gets closer to the vision of being ultra local. This time slot and audience has been tuning into this time slot for 20 plus years to a show that was called "Ask Your Neighbor", which was on air for 59 years.  Danco, has reformatted the mostly call in show to share recipes, into a positive discussion about our metro and continues to carry elements, such as recipe sharing, gardening and home repair.   Shows are uploaded daily here and are accessible here:  Soundcloud.com/verydetroit


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Very Chicago 2021

February 5th, 2021 Third Market launches at 11AM (CST) on 1080AM WNWI Oak Lawn |  VeryChicago.com

. June 2020 - Very Ann Arbor Radio Launches

October 2019 - OneMag.tv Launches the System.   

October 19th, 2018 - Very Detroit Radio Launches

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