Antoon Versteegde

Dutch artist Antoon Versteegde

Antoon Versteegde (1953) is a Dutch artist who seeks to express his creative vision outside the established institutes and exhibition spaces of the art world. His work can typically be seen in public locations with free access for everyone. He conceives of, and brings into being, larger than life structures - transient outdoor installations that are constructed with lightweight materials such as bamboo, flags, rope and rubber bands.

Best of Bamboo by Antoon Versteegde

Versteegde has throughout his career gained extensive experience with large-scale interactive projects. His working process involves the bringing together of groups of artists or volunteers in order to create huge community sculptures in a short time period. His construction technique has been developed over many years in a way that makes it easy to be learned quickly by people who want to co-operate spontaneously. In order to achieve this coming together of people, Versteegde designs spatial experiences as descriptive constructions that he wishes to share with others. Because the public take on an active role by the action of the project, the necessary creative energy is released during the collaborative process. The structures created as a result, appear only to disappear. They are by definition ephemeral. What remains is the afterimage: the echo of the shared experience as well as the memory of the object itself. The bamboo installation leaves its strongest impression behind in the participant’s memory. Versteegde’s imagined vision becomes the afterglow of a collective memory.

His works are characterized by their transience: they are made for temporary display and are not intended to be long term or permanent. However, today there is renewed interest in his ephemeral works, thanks to blockchain technology and reappraisal of his documented legacy. Art lovers, collectors and investors can acquire one of his best projects by making a serious offer to acquire unique ownership of their beloved art-event.

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