Sadie, Catahoula

The family dog from my teen years had passed away. Even though I had long since moved out of my parent's house and been married, this was still difficult. After a grieving period and much discussion, my parents decided to get another dog to add more joy into their lives. As a new dog would be part of the family, I accompanied my parents when they first met Sadie and were deciding on adoption. This photograph was taken within her first few months of being adopted.

Photography Experiences Reinvented

It all started when I won best animal photograph in the Edmonton Photographic Trade Show. A massive 20 inch x 30 inch canvas print of my winning image was displayed at the Butterdome for all attendees to see. It was amazing to see my work alongside the other winners in such a pristine large format canvas print.

This is where the magic happened!

That same canvas is now a statement art piece in my living room. Everyday I look at it and my passion for photography is rekindled. I remember the hours of work poured into the piece, and most importantly the moment of time and story attached to this photograph.

My goal is to help you create that beautiful feeling of love and warmth in your own home with statement art pieces of you and your loved ones!

Veronica Scallion is an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada.

She has accreditation in Fantasy Illustration.

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