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Verizon Message Plus App

Verizon message plus app for pc:- SMS( Short message service) has been around for 27 years and in that time, it’s evolved to become one of the most valuable go for every people and businesses. People choose to keep using SMS to interact with their family members, friends or loved ones, because it’s reliable, cost-effective and easy to use. In fact, SMS has noticeably higher open rate than email or chat messages. However, technology keeps evolving. Since SMS was first introduced, it hasn’t evolved at all to keep up with latest trend and generation needs- messages are still text- based. This is where Verizon message plus app for pc come as a savior, as the Verizon message plus is based on Rich communication service that is a new and exciting option with messages that look better than SMS and offer more interaction opportunities. So, without making a confusion between normal messages and Verizon messages let’s just move from here and see what is the difference between them and why Verizon is a future technology.

About Verizon message plus app for pc-

Verizon message plus app for pc is an upgraded and pro version of Verizon message which is a messaging and communication software developed by Verizon Consumer group that is a foremost company in the market which develops one of the best communication services and platform. This messaging application is based on Rich communication service technology which works just like sms but enables a better interaction and limit the number of restriction users experience with basic text messaging. Think of Verizon message as SMS 2.0, where messages are still tied to a user’s mobile number instead of social media messaging apps. There are various reasons why people are dumping their old and normal sms to this latest technology however most of the people use rcs because of its rich features. After using for couple of hours we experienced some great features that are beneath its user interface and we have described them in our next section so jump over to feature section.

Features of Verizon message plus app for pc-

Group Chats- Gone those days when we have to type and send message to our people one by one and we all know how much time taking this process is. But after the arrival of Verizon message plus app for pc which is based on Rich messages services terminology this problem has been sort out. As with this application you can create larger group chats with up to 250 people for sending and receiving text messages, images, video and stickers within seconds. You can also personalize chat experience with avatars and theme that can be accessed very easily with Verizon message plus app for pc.

Send e-gifts- E-gifting feature of Verizon message plus app for pc will save lot of people from their hard times. As with this feature you can send an eGift card right through text message. To send your first e-gift card just tap the plus menu and select eGift icon. Now the company has also expanded its support to e-gift and now you can send e-gift card from more than 30 brands.

Yelp Integration-Yelp is an American based company that hosts, develops and markets crowd source and small businesses such as restaurants, entertainment etc. The Yelp integration in Verizon message plus for pc enables a power to user to access the yelp app and use all the functionalities of it such as restaurant finding, booking a table in restaurants, sharing the details of location with other members and much more.

HD quality multimedia- Just like social media messaging application like Facebook messenger, Wechat, Whatsapp, the Verizon message plus app for pc is also same as in this application you can send your favourite multimedia files such as images, videos, stickers, gifs and location upto 200 people at once. And all multimedia files are sent in high resolution which will be handy for images as there will be no pixel distortion at receiving end.

Cost effective-Simple text messages or SMS was quite initiative technology in the previous time but there are so many disadvantages in it. The main disadvantage of using SMS is its cost, because even if you send a single line message the carrier will charge 0.10 cents or relevant to it, which is not a good thing for people who send thousands of information to their people in a day. In this situation you should go with Verizon message plus as in this software instead of cellular carrier it sends messages through data or WiFi, which has quite better quality than normal ones and very much cost effective.

These are main features that we discovered among other features in Verizon message for pc. Now, let’s view its public opinion and check how they responded to it.

Verizon Message Plus App

User Reviews of Verizon message plus app for pc-

Super liked it- By Jvalant Dave Rated(5/5)-

I’ve started using this after trying google messages. I must say that I haven’t regret about my decision.

Fast messaging service- By LexingXu Rated (5/5)-

I have tried various types of social networking sites and after trying I just want to say that the messaging speed of this application is superfast.

With these couple of positive reviews it is quite clear that it is liked by near to all users. Now, let’s move to the last section where we will see how we can install Verizon message plus on pc.

Download verizon message plus app for pc-

Verizon message plus was originally made for mobile devices and we can’t download it unless we follow these simple steps-

Step1: Launch any web browser in your pc

Step2: Search bluestacks and go to its official site

Step3: Click on download button then install it by following setup wizard

Step4: Once it is successfully installed just move over google play store and search Verizon message

Step5: click on install button

That’s it now Verizon message plus has been successfully installed on your pc so just enjoy the rich functionalities of this software.