Verified Logic

About this site

My name is Willem Langeveld. Most people call me "Willy".

Verified Logic is the name of my infrequently active consulting business. Back in the day, I used to write software for Commodore Amigas and for BeOS systems. Software I wrote for the Amiga includes the terminal emulation program VLT, the ARexx support libraries rexxarplib and rexxmathlib, software for the Interworks INet networking suite and much more.


I started out my career as a high-energy particle physicist, working at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. One of my favorite projects there was the Milli-Charged Particle Search in the mid nineties, which used Amiga computers for online data-acquisition and experimental monitoring. I also worked on the BaBar experiment, and later on the International Linear Collider effort.

In 2005 I switched from SLAC to work in industry. To the present, I am employed at Rapiscan Systems as a Principal Scientist and Principal Investigator, working on homeland security projects.

For details about my career, visit my LinkedIn site.