Verastar Community Systems

About Verastar Community Systems

Between January 2015 and January 2019 Alan Bramwell worked for Verastar.

During the working day Alan had a mundane job as a New Provisioning Officer but after 6 PM at night he set his mind free to deliver some of the most interesting solutions on the WWW.

Alan is a computer scientist,Project Manager, Business Analyst, Computer Programmer, Business Consultant, Community Guardian (BA019) and Digital Champion.

Alan was involved in Broad Band Sales and created these sites to show youth just what can be achieved on the internet as Alan has adult teaching qualifications. Alan also utilised Protopage to communicate to his line manage his thoughts on IT - particularly AI and how it could be implemented to make him redundant.

Listed here are the sites which Alan created during his time at Verastar with an explanation about his thoughts behind them.

Digital Champions

With so much to report it is difficult to know where to start.

This website was commenced circa 2007 and has been a constant source for education and entertainment. It is now part of my plan for my academy.

Working close to the IT Team at Verastar I discovered what infrastructure they were using so this site was updated to include Javascript, HTML. Bootstrap, Angular, MVC. SQL Server and C# training.

I purchased a new lap top and had tit vetted by IT and was given a lesson in MVC to prove my system was ok.

It is now up to me to get on and do some programming. I have plans to clone the Ticketing Processing which was central to the Verastar CRM System and hopefully market this as an Agile Management Tool to complement Open Workbench. (Ex Hoskyns Project Managers Workbench).

The thought behind this site is really to encourage Junior Golfers who want to become PGA Professionals to have something to fall back on - coupled with training (CS50) from Harvard University we could help enhance their lifestyle and get them into managing golf clubs IT Services thus providing added value to golf club membership.

I am certain if golf club members knew that the assistant professional could manage their websites that business would be generated.

This site has been crafted using the Google Site Builder - it is part of my learning process. Since 2007 I have been using Wordpress, I now favour Protopage (which can not be hosted) and I have moved on to Wix. I have looked at Squarespace but that costs money to publish.

The Gof Hub

The Golf Hub

This is singularly the most important piece of work that I am working on.

The plan is to try to dominate bespoke systems development for golf clubs.

This site is purely a marketing strategy basically promoting golf club professionals that are WWW savy and demonstrating to golf clubs the value of having an active website.

What we are really trying to achieve is the sales of a Stratbox where clubs will host their own websites for club business and event management plus Centenary handbooks.

Thought on this website.

There is an existing Management Group which helps golf clubs, basically a buying syndicate - they do not do systems development.

There are players in the golf business that dominate club systems - that is handicap systems, websites and tee booking system. There are players in classical website design but nobody has really looked into the functions of a golf club and delivered functionality which services event management and intranets.

It is hoped that we can team up with an Intranet Service Provider such that we can focus on the little stuff that members deserve.

Why Verastar - in 2016 I offered to Verastar the opportunity to target all the golf clubs in the uk and that we would initially commence a web development division delivering Stratbox technology into the Pro Shop along with Verastar Broadband, Mobile Phones and utilities.

My offer was never taken on board - It would have included a YouTube and Press launch promoting Verastar and Foundation Computing.

What is important about this site is that it shows that I have had continuity in employment in the IT Industry when I went self employed in May 2000 as PGA System.

It was under the advise of employment services that I was to look for posts outside the IT industry as the Y2k Completion had flooded the market.

I was fortunate enough to have good contacts and took a job which maintained my lifestyle. Sadly, divorce happened an I was forced to stay outside IT as I needed to pay two mortgages.

But I never lost faith and focused on extending my IT skill set which I do to this day.