Vera Z. Eichenauer

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Current position and research

I am a post-doctoral researcher at ETH Zurich in Switzerland and work on international and Swiss political economy issues. My research interests include Chinese and Indian official financial to other countries, budgetary institutions reducing inefficient year-end spending spikes, and the consequences of the creation of the Canton of Jura in Switzerland. My ongoing research projects are listed on my research page.

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My thesis on "The Political Economy of Foreign Aid: Allocation, Timing, and Effectiveness" was awarded with the Young Researcher Prize for academically excellent and practice-relevant development research by the Verein für Socialpolitik and the KfW Development Bank.

I have the pleasure to serve as the president of the European Association of Young Economists after having been the Chair of the Program Committee of the Spring Meeting of Young Economists 2016 in Lisbon. I also co-organized various workshops.


Aktuelle Position und Forschungsthemen

Ich forsche an der ETH Zürich zu internationalen und Schweizer polit-ökonomischen Themen. Meine aktuellen Forschungsprojekte beschäftigen sich mit den aussenwirtschaftlichen Aktivitäten von China und Indien, den Auswirkungen der Unabhänigkeit des Kanton Juras, und den Auswirkungen von Budgetinstitutionen auf Jahresendausgaben ("Dezemberfieber").

Ich moderiere regelmässig Podiumsdiskussionen zu politischen und gesellschaftlichen Themen. Ich freue mich auf Ihre Anfrage.

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