Beautiful brick paver driveway restoration in Winter Springs, Florida. Pavers were carefully cleaned, sanded and sealed. The sealing process enhances the colors and vibrancy of the pavers, protects them from sun damage and staining, as well as preventing mildew and weed growth. Joint Sand is also stabilized, strengthening the interlocking pavers as well as inhibiting ant mines from forming. Below is a before and after image of the walkway.

Travertine Paver clean and seal in Oviedo. A special texture additive was used in the sealer in order to prevent any slippery conditions. Travertine also requires a very specific amount of sealer because of the density of the material. Experience and care is necessary in the application.

^Two paver driveway restoration clean and seals! Oviedo and Avalon Park (Stoneybrook) Respectively.^

Pavers were carefully pressure cleaned, stains were treated and new sand was added before sealer was laid.

Sealing is very important for pavers in Florida because the intense sunlight will dull and grey the pavers. The longer they are exposed unsealed, the less color will come back with a restoration process.

Heavy mold, mildew & weed restoration on this Oviedo Pool deck. Customer said the kids were slipping all over the place because of the growth. The sealer will prevent ~90% of new growth over the next 3-5 years.

  • After

House Soft Wash from Oviedo, Florida. A low pressure chemical wash was implemented to remove mildew from this house without damaging paint and other delicate surfaces.

  • Before

Driveway Pressure Wash and Stain Removal in East Orlando. Dirt and mildew were washed away as well as oil and rust stains being treated. A post treatment was applied to prevent future mildew growth.

Rust Removal was performed on this West Orlando home. Oxidation from the irrigation terribly stained the house in many areas. A specialized rust remover was implemented in order to fully remove all staining, without damaging the brick or paint.

Paver Driveway Rust Removal in Winter Park.

Oxidation from the well water irrigation had stained almost the entire driveway. A light acid based rust remover was used to effectively and affordably restore the pavers to their original state.

Paver Clean and Seal, as well as a soft wash of the roof and exterior of the shed. Pavers were beginning to fade and erode down to the grey rock underneath. The Sealing process successfully brought the color back and will protect from further fading.