Venture Accelerator Ecosystem

What is VCT?

Venture Capital Thailand is a humanitarian - growth focused - Venture Accelerator Ecosystem.

By advancing the Thai economy with an international, Industry 4.0 focused, human-centered, constantly evolving model, we will dream big but start small. With a true vision of cultivating a globally recognizable, useful, expandable ecosystem that benefits anyone interested in creating or recreating business or non-profit organizations anywhere.

Why VCT?

"The only thing that is infinite, that carries on forever and expands into everything that is and will be in the future, is our values"; Our values provide us with the ability to make decisions in our lives, inject us with readiness for the future, and fuel us with the energy to carry on through the tough times.


Personal Evolution & Wellness

Collective Evolution and Sense-making

Experience & Expression

Can we prosper?


Every time humanity has faced a grand challenge, something that was a big problem for everyone, we learned something, and we came back not just a little stronger than before, but magnitudes more with new emergent qualities.

Why have more than 70% of small businesses in Thailand failed over the past two years?

Simple: Inaccuracy due to misinformation.

They were not able to account for the changing market atmosphere; the rapidly evolving economy; they didn't really know what was going on, and or they couldn't adapt quickly enough to the new reality. All new businesses that take into account the current and possible futures of the economy that they function within, and the markets that they currently, and in the future will, appeal to, have radically higher success rates.

"Spark with imagination, fuel with data"

- Google X -

How can I help?

There are three things we need to succeed:

  1. Bright, Passionate, Inspired People

  2. Time

  3. Strategic Synergies

The most important parts of any organization - are the people - and the things that empower them to grow.

We do not require any specific set of skills to work with VCT, but nonetheless, not everyone can be part of the self-evolving core infrastructure, if we are to have success; Here are some primary things that can empower you with access:

Values Alignment || Openness || Self-Confidence || Determination

as Time is money,

We are seeking our first round Angel investors/mentors to help nurture and grow the model, team, tech and partnerships into something that is ready to receive significant seed capital.

Finally, another key provider of the future of this self-evolving organization is our strategic partners.

We currently have openings for exceptional organizations that are connected to Law, Funding/Fundraising, Marketing, Web/Mobile App Development, Business Development(incubators, accelerators, etc.), Human Resources, and "Big Data".

- We're looking forward to meeting you -