a virtual math seminar on open conjectures in

number theory and arithmetic geometry

In spring 2020, a new math seminar is starting: VANTAGe, a virtual seminar on open conjectures in number theory and arithmetic geometry (NT&AG). The seminar will provide open access to world class mathematics, with a focus on progress on unsolved problems in NT&AG. The purpose of the seminar is to provide a viable way for researchers to be involved with cutting-edge research in NT&AG without the expense and environmental impact of travel. Another aim of the seminar is to advance understanding on the most exciting open problems in this field. As the goal of the seminar is to build communication among researchers developing the fields of NT&AG, speakers and participants will be expected to uphold the highest standards for clear exposition and respectful interactions.

The first topic of the seminar is CLASS GROUPS OF NUMBER FIELDS. The first talks of the seminar will focus on this survey paper.

On a conjecture for ℓ-torsion in class groups of number fields: from the perspective of moments -

Jan 21: Lillian Pierce. On some questions in number theory, from the perspective of moments

Feb 4: Melanie Matchett-Wood. Conjectures for number field counting

Feb18: Caroline Turnage-Butterbaugh. Moments of zeta and the vertical distribution of its zeros

March 3: David Zureick-Brown. Moduli spaces and arithmetic statistics

The intended audience includes graduate students and faculty with some background in NT&AG; for practical reasons the seminar will be presented in English at (1 pm Eastern time)=(10 am Pacific time), every first and third Tuesday of the month.

If you would like to be added to the e-mail list for this seminar, please apply for membership at this page:!forum/vantageseminar

Access to VaNTAGe is via the BlueJeans app on the internet; instructions for this will be posted later. This technology can support 100 connections. Please consider reserving a room with a projector or a video conferencing room if there are several people at your institution who are interested in watching.

Spring 2020 is the initial development period of the VaNTAGe math seminar. If you have suggestions, please send them to or

I would like to thank the National Science Foundation DMS-19-01819 for its support of the VaNTAGe math seminar. I would like to thank ACNS video conference services at Colorado State University for hosting the virtual platform via BlueJeans technology and Chris Chagnon for providing technical support.